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Khunfany dating proof of concept, see a problem?

The story is as packed with genre elements as it is with worldbuilding concepts: Is she deluding herself when she believes the woman who cut her head open and installed an ASI inside sees her as a person rather than a tool?

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It's going to share my brain. If you're looking for a fascinating little novella, Proof of Concept is worth a look.

The timespan of the story is so wide, the cast so large, and the worldbuilding is so broad that I think in some ways, the characterization and driving urgency of the plot got a little lost.

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Is she a captive or a willing participant? I never got a real sense of the different characters, and while I think this contributed to the shock factor of the ending, I found it also rather unsatisfying.

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Okay, I can't stop you. In particular, and quite at odds with the rest of the story, I felt that the end expected me to unquestioningly accept the author's definition of "good guys" and "bad guys" and accept that the "good guys" can do absolutely terrible things and yet remain the "good guys" by definition alone… more time spent on characterization of both the faceless antagonists and the tarnished protagonists would have helped greatly, I think.

Khunfany Dating Proof. Untitled — Can you enlighten me with your proof on taeny?

But what if he goes wrong and starts eating me? The issue of extreme population control is hotly contested, as is the future of the human race.

MegaCorps have a chokehold on culture and politic, and even scientific endeavor must be turned into pop-culture and seek the approval of the GAM Global Audience Mediation AI.

MegaCorps have a chokehold on culture and politic, and even scientific endeavor must be turned into pop-culture and seek For such a short novella, Proof of Concept is packed to bursting with plot threads, thematic questions, and worldbuilding elements.

There are so many ideas packed into this little novella; I just wish there had been a little more room for character development.

Monday, February 25, 2013

One of the most interesting themes in the story involves Kir, a child "saved" from the Dead Zones to act as the "wetware" for an artificial superintelligence quantum computer. The quest for hyperspatial travel is seen as humanity's last hope.

The story takes place in a fascinating dystopian world where pollution and global warming have pushed the world's population into giant "hives" separated by toxic "Dead Zones" where impoverished non-citizens try to eke out their short existences.

Is the thing who shares her head a being with its own identity or merely a sophisticated calculator, and despite the supposed firewalls, what influence does it have on her behaviour? To get funding, the serious scientists have partnered with the popular reality-show stars to live underground in isolation to create a proof of concept for hyperspatial travel.

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