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Nichkhun always remember Victoria, when hearing her name he will immediately shocked look at here. After So Eun's possible dating and Jong Hyung and Nana, I've been really upset because I would loved to see these relationships hit it off because they were really cute.

I run my self to the staff floor, and looking for Min Jae hyung. Asian We have over of the best Dating games for you. Pinay Sex Scandal Real Life tags: Cherleen been uploading photos of herself on her personal account holding a Khuntoria photo, as we all know Cherleen is one of the f x fan, is it possible that she was also a Khuntorian?

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Those same delusional shippers are the ones terrorizing his own girlfriend and threatening their love. He had no reason to be sitting in front of Khuntoria fans like that. As far as I know, the Gundam Couple is the only couple that dated in real life after the show. White boy fucked by black guy real life in tags: Are 2pm's Nichkhun and f x 's Victoria still close?

Faith Hill or Carrie Underwood? But on the bright khuntoria dating real life Nickhun mentioned that he did have feelings for khuntoria real dating site at some point in the show.

Fejinn 4 Comments After interviewing the new couples, they seem to be seriously thinking about dating and marriage. Their 1st kiss was at their pre-wedding photoshoot and Nichkhun wanted Victoria to kiss him 1st, which was finally done 1st by Victoria When in the black room for Maldives episode, Khun said whenever he was asked about Maldives, the one he will remember is Victoria, as well as Vic when she was asked about Maldives she will always remember Khun.

I would totally ship them.

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Khuntoria dating real life - Give it an Upvote! The only couple that went on to date for real was Jun Jin and Si Young, which is pretty ironic really since they seemed to kind of get on each other's nerves. Real dating slut throats tags: And they might hunt the truth about what happen that day.

Hey, thx for still reading, subscribing and commenting the story. Something DID really happen. Sure they're all super busy with hectic schedules doing their own things, but not even text?

If such a guy were to be your boyfriend, who would say no?

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But a reliable source has mentioned that khuntoria are dating for years now. Video embeddedWe Got Married. Nichkhun once said in Strong Heart that he would be really happy if Victoria was really his girlfriend.

In Dating Real Khuntoria Life Your observations and interpretations are very well written and made me literally laugh out loud pitbull dating site and slap my knees in public!

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Khuntoria took their 1st shooting on June 1st in 63 Building 5. She said that she was a big fan of Song, Seung-Heon, a Korean actor. I know it's mainly scripted, but I'd really like to watch a couple that actually did end up dating!

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Min Jae hyung let out a heavy breath. Their filming has ended at August 31, Nichkhun once thought that Victoria was similar to his mother. Khuntoria dating in real life.

Nichkhun wants to get married at the age of 29 and Vic at the age of 30, within one year of age the same as the age they are now. Posted 18 January - So, is it true? Luna and Sulli puts the shopping bag on the floor and start sorting which one is whose.


A Sincere Solo Special was met and met as the prime pan. Khuntoria Dating Real Life. Nichkhun and Victoria have a same mole at the same place of their body, see here. They spent days as a Virtual couple.

Victoria was really moved because of their treatment, as she cried in blackroom interview at the 1st time in WGM I do find that part weird after all the lovey-dovey BS that they.

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Sadly youtube didn't have much and I didnt know about this site! Khuntoria, are they were for bazaar?.

Season 2 Episode 18

Nichkhun ever thought that if only his fake marriage with Victoria would never end and sometimes got confused if it was a real or just a virtual marriage.

Are you dating Victoria at the moment?

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There are lots of evidences that would prove that khuntoria are in Status: They have the same dream to open a restaurant if they are no longer an entertainer.