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The producers then created a new role for Alderson. Kiki general hospital dating he and Carly Laura Wright are reunited in a local warehouse, they are nearly killed in an explosion.

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Danger, adventure, draw Kevin and Laura closer together as their quest to uncover Helena's secret continues. He's an awesome kid but he's had it very rough. What do you think GH fans? Liz and Franco's encounter leaves them both shaken.

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Sabrina confides her predicament in Felix. Finn offers a disturbing diagnosis. She is the daughter of the late, Dr. Erin also credited the storyline with helping to sway viewer opinion about her character.

'General Hospital' Spoilers: Bensch drugs & violates Kiki - sweeps horror ahead?

He told Kiki she was giving him "signals" that she was interested when she clearly was shes dating the gangster summary. Kiki continued to keep secrets from Michael after she learned that Sonny had killed Michael's father A.

Franco receives an unexpected proposal. Alderson had been posting several pictures via social media but intentionally hiding her hair, leading to speculation that her appearance would be very different. Up until a few days before her audition, Erin revealed that a return to daytime after five years was the last thing on her mind.

She thought that half custody was better than none. Morgan shares a secret with Kiki. He turned to Morgan and Kiki for support until he learned that they had known the truth but had decided that it was in Michael's best interest to keep it from him.

The ABC soap doubles down on #MeToo story as pervy doctor tries a slimy new tactic.

Dillon is ready for more of that and so is Kiki. In order to help Morgan pay off gambling debts, Kiki invites some college classmates over to play a game of poker rigged in Morgan's favor.

But when Morgan gate crashes their first date, things turn South quickly. The girl was apparently kept from Franco by her "bitch" of a mother. Kiki will fight back so if Bensch thinks he'll get away with drugging and violating Kiki against her will, he should think again. As Michael grieved, Kiki turned to Morgan for help when Luke Spencer made several sexual advances toward her.

In addition, Kiki is also shocked to learn that Ava is a member of powerful Jerome crime family that is challenging Michael and Morgan's father Sonny Corinthos Maurice Benard for his territory. Things are looking good after the Nurses Ball performance, that great kiss backstage — plus more hot smooching at the Crimson offices.

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Kiki was disgusted with Morgan's betrayal and ended their marriage. Bensch will soon think that she's teasing him and will decide to act out his fantasies in the worst way.

Kiki Jerome (Hayley Erin)

Anna agrees to go on a blind date. Simone dates Justus Ward and they become engaged. She also worried about her relationship with Michael after she chose not to inform him that his parents, Sonny and Carly, were having an affair.

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Kiki is a Nurse's Aide at GH and is currently in med school. Quartermaine Sean Kananshe confides in Morgan. Share your comments below on the upcoming Dillon-Kiki-Morgan drama. Lucky Spencer widowed from Siobhan Spencer. Because Bensch is such a creepy critter, he likely assumes that Griffin is hanging around Kiki for the same reason -- and is bedding her.

Erin said Kiki is able to look back on their relationship fondly and see that "Morgan has been there for her this entire time" and she realizes how good of a guy he is.

Bensch's jealousy flares

Michael shares his good news with Sonny and Carly. Erin had just expressed her interest in appearing on another soap and she booked the role of Kiki later that week.

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It just keeps getting better and I am so happy to be here. Kiki is devastated when Ava is killed trying to escape prison. Inher mother, Ava had an affair with her now late ex-husband, Morgan and inKiki slept with her mother's boyfriend, Griffin.

General Hospital: We Hear Kiki Is in Danger

While Kiki was there, her mother visited and revealed that Kiki was part of the wealthy Quartermaine family and that her father was alive. However, Carly decides not to press charges and invites Kiki to spend Thanksgiving with a hospitalized Morgan and their family.

Do you want Morgan to fight for Kiki or leave her alone? Liz and Hayden have another confrontation. She was formerly believed to be the daughter of Francodue to Ava's lies.

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Finn receives news about his life saving medication. Dillon, Maxie and Nina share a laugh over the sexy items in the delivery.