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Although his character did not win hers in the drama, the two began dating in real life. After that fans did not see much of the couple together. While the crew of "Goddess of Fire: They were wearing matching khaki jackets ricky joo won dating sneakers.

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Kim Bum, 24, played Kim Tae Do, her lifelong friend and protector. Now that the six-month relationship has ended, both are considering new projects.

[Breaking] Moon Geun Young and Kim Bum are dating!

The trip was a vacation to celebrate the drama's end. The two have dated for over a month. Neither star ever went public with a relationship before. Their interactions were some of the best things about the drama and his character ultimately sacrificed his life for her.

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Kim Bum's agency King Actors confirmed the news saying that the two were indeed dating. Yoo Ah In is considering the role of her husband Prince Sado. They made an announcement about their relationship before traveling to Europe together.

While his was an unrequited love in the drama, he won her heart in real life. Their European vacation lasted a month and they were photographed enjoying the sights and holding hands in Prague.

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And they have decided that rather than being the subject of rumors, they are going to date publicly. Still, as soon as they did decide to date, Moon Geun Young wanted to be honest about their relationship. They will maintain their relationship as colleagues. According to Namoo Actors, Moon Geun Young felt it was important to be honest about the relationship.

Before "Goddess of Fire," she played a social climbing designer in "Cheomdamdung Alice.

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The trip was a vacation to celebrate the drama's completion in October. Namoo went on to say that the two actors are currently getting to know each other and just beginning their relationship.

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Rise of the Sea Dragon. Jeonji" noted how protective Kim Bum was of his co-star on set, there were no rumors circulating about them dating.

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Passers by saw them at a market eating street vendor food. Even though the dating rumors were pretty low key and no one had actually seen the two actors out together, Moon Geun Young decided that they would not sneak around.

It's the first time that either actor has admitted to dating. At such a time they may well want some privacy. It was Namoo Actors that originally released the statement saying the two were dating, saying they grew fond of each other when she played Yoo Jung, Korea's first female ceramic artist and he played her lifelong friend and protector.

Jeonji" co-star Kim Bum are a couple. Rise of the Sea Dragon.