Son Ye Jin Addresses Dating Rumors With Kim Nam Gil : KMovie : KDramaStars Son Ye Jin Addresses Dating Rumors With Kim Nam Gil : KMovie : KDramaStars

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Inhe starred in three successful movies. When he first began acting, he used the name Kim Lee Han, but switched back after a director suggested he use his own name. I have yet to check out any other projects completed by Kim Nam Gil but I can tell he is a serious actor and one to keep an eye out for.


Following this success, he took a large role on the television show Lovers, which was the third installment of a successful three-part series. Not the catchiest of all songs, but Kim Nam Gil soft vocals managed make it sound poignant and melancholic.

Kim Nam Gil, as Bidam, appeared around episode Recently In Bad Guy Melodrama A man with two identities plays a game of cat-and-mouse with a wealthy family in this dark revenge drama.

I say, just drop by everyday and make some excuse about a distant relative, who happens to be working there. Theres no smoke without a fire.

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Regarding girlfriends, he likes women who are slightly older than him and within a 5 year range. Inhe produced his first movie, and has strong acting plans for the following year.

Need i say more? Then, inhe had his first role in a film, which was called Low Life. Then, inhe made the very bold choice to act as one of the leads in a romantic movie about two gay young men.

I'll talk about dramas if I want to

In he was given one of the largest roles on the show Be Strong, Geum-Soon! Did i mention very distant? He then went on to act as one of the lead roles on the hit show Queen Seondeok in Apart from being down to earth, he is suffering from exhaustion and has trouble with his internal organs.

His extensive portfolio ensured strong performance skills, but the lack of popular projects marked him as a relatively unknown actor. Lee Yo Won, Right: However, he has asked fans specifically not to randomly show up at his workplace and demand to meet him.

Nam-gil Kim

Flutter those eyelashes girls. He was born in Seoul, South Korea on March 13, Hobbies include basketball, soccer and the flute.

He had his first role in on the television show School 1. To guys that might be interested, KNG acted as a gay in the No Regret, so that might of sparked his inner homosexual. The film was a huge success with both fans and critics.

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But this one is definitely suited for the patient viewer, with it having 62 hour-long episodes. It does get very exiting and worthwhile towards the end with friendship, love, action, politics, stunning visuals and mind games in store.

Inhe released a photo book, starred in the movie Lovers Vanished and acted in two shows, including Bad Guy. He may not be drop dead gorgeous at first sight, but his face and various facial expressions will capture you.