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So you guys have moved in, everything's good. Later, Rose meets Natalie's mom for the first time over dinner and they hit it off, but good spirits are marred by news from Natalie that her mom is sick. I got your blanket. Rose and Natalie are Dinah-bound as well and Natalie worries about what might transpire amidst all the ladies.

The ladies waste little time getting reacquainted and Whitney can't help but think it's the start of something good.

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Like, it's just I don't know. And girl clothes are super cute. And, yeah, I would probably still be the same person that I am today, but the show just expedited the process.

I've been dating my ex-boyfriend Jay. Hey, isn't this fun, to learn the songs right before we go? Back in LA, Nikki and Jill's wedding is just around the corner but Jill is still unsure about a dress.

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A lot has also changed for Romi in one year: Like, I know that a lot of people are like, "eh, gay parenting, whatever," but there's so many people who are so excited about this. We're not in a committed relationship. Let's go to the bar.

The Real L Word

Sufficiently wined and dined, the ladies continue celebrating back in their hotel room. Tracy consults a psychic and gains some shocking insight into her past. But is she really ready to immerse herself in Tracy's whole life with Stamie and the kids?

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Is there anything in here that works? Well, basically, Romi came over tonight to Alyssa's and told her that she has been nervous to say this and not many people know this because she's nervous about people's reactions, but she's started dating Jay again.

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Back in LA, Nikki and Jill's wedding is just around the corner but Jill is still unsure about a dress. Do any of you have regrets about doing or saying something on TV? Rose takes Natalie on a romantic getaway, where Natalie surprises Rose over dessert with sexy pin-up photos she's had taken of herself.

Jenn Berman who is an amazing psychotherapist, and we also made some everlasting friendships there.

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She's going balls to the wall with this stuff. We're supposed to just be casual, but we talk to each other every day. You have what, three days I'm setting the stage for a very interesting tour. Kiyomi, I hear that this party is also serving as the kickoff for your new monthly event happening in the city.

Yeah, I got all the old stuff. I know, and you're four months pregnant. To get in shape for the part, Whitney hires a gorgeous, kick-ass trainer who threatens to derail all of her good-girl plans.

I know I can. The people on Couples Therapy with us now know more about us than our friends and family members do. The ladies enlist the help of a wedding planner to produce their elegant affair but just as Nikki's nerves begin to subside, Jill's anxiety skyrockets when she sees the price tag attached to their dream nuptials.

And, you know, like, I don't want to be in a relationship.

After finding the perfect location for her client, she races off to receive an award from the Chamber of Commerce. I've never wanted to be in a relationship.

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It just kind of repulses me. There's so many more to choose from.

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But I think all that's behind us now. Anybody that's in this band needs to take full ownership over their decision to be in this band. It's Raquel's first Dinah and she's excited to see what she's been missing We can learn a lot from them and hopefully give the ladies something a little different every month.

Well, they're mad 'cause I won't take off work to practice. Let's make a toast to tomorrow, the very first show that we're ever gonna get to play together.

Wait, why am I in your band again? She flips out on her staff and tries to decompress over dinner with Raquel.

My sister Stephanie gave me a present for you guys. Nikki and Jill are hoping to turn a book about 'sexual fluidity' into a documentary, a topic close to Jill.

The pair finally reconnect after lunch with the whole brood. She flips out on her staff and tries to decompress over dinner with Raquel. And if we can't figure it out together, then I understand that you have to move on and you know, do your own thing.

I've never been very shy about it. You need a cream or something. Tor is hurt but tags along with Whitney on a night out at the bar - only to face Whitney's girl drama head on when both Romi and Whitney's trainer crush, Miranda, show up at the club too.

Whitney is overwhelmed, both with Tor moving in and her complicated feelings for Sada. Somer's version of "On Time" is usually an hour to an hour and a half late.

Are you gonna throw some glasses tonight?

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Are you worried about doing this tour, really? Tracy's happy that her mom is showing interest but wishes they could speak directly.