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Your air compressor will eventually break down. What does the name plate say for volts?

SOLVED: How do I hook up a v air compressor - Fixya

With the above given, referring to amperes, or juice, this determines the thickness of the wires feeding the motor. Beware of this, the air tool you will be using requires a certain amount of volume of air, measured as CFM cubic feet of air and a two horse compressor may produce you about 5 cfm when new and in good condition while the tool may require 7 - 15 cfm.

This scenario just won't work well. Air compressor v to v Nice picture but not good enough to read the nameplate info from where I'm at. We would always go to an industrial compressor distributor, one that has the expertise and the parts to get us back up and running when the need occurred.

If dual voltage, then the motor connection will have to be reconfigured for whichever voltage it is changed to.

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These are called volt-amps and are synonymous to watts, watts is power, you pay for power measured thru time, the watt-hour is what you consume. Care to share your thoughts on them?

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Who do you talk to about service? I hope you find an answer in all this mumbo-jumbo of electricity. The range of motors is from 1.

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The tool should be supplied with a decent volume of cfm to work right. Where do you get parts?

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Power companies distribute power at 10 times higher and more than what consumers use to save in copper and power loss, good for transmitting power far. At any point you might buy a Kobalt air compressor made by YY Company, and it may be possible to get the same model air compressor made by ZZ Company.

Not meeting into consideration the wire thickness and using thinner wire than required presents a major problem with friction or resistance to juice flow, power loss in the form of heat.

If we were looking for a compressor to do work for us 8 hours a day, five days a week, we probably would not buy the Kobalt air compressors range.

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These motors power a range of Kobalt compressors, small 3 gallon tanked units with a 1. Power loss includes voltage drop, loosing volts in the skinny wires. See if the motor is dual or single voltage, the name plate will say this info.

Do you have a Kobalt air compressor?

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When, not if, it does, who looks after you? By this we mean that we would have no problem acquiring a Kobalt compressor for our home workshop or garage. A little juice needs only a thin wire such as with high voltage hook up, volts and more juice as with a volt hook up, will require a thicker wire.

Made for Lowes, the Kobalt line of air compressors is powered by electric motors and come in portable and fixed styles.

Kobalt Air Compressors

This scenario leads to burnt motors, tripping breakers and blowing fuses, you can oversize the wire thickness but not underside it. Buying, using and maintaining your air compressor You are here: Example is your volts motor needs 10 amps and your volts motor needs 20 amps feed.

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Having said all that, for light use, no worries. Who Makes Kobalt Air Compressors?

220 Air Compressor

Then by use of a transformer, mounted on poles, they reduce the power to consumer level. The use of a high voltage is an advantage in saving copper and money in considerably long runs of circuit conductors.

The amount of juice, called amps is twice in a low voltage hook up. Like all department stores or big box stores, the stores do not make their own house brand products.

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If you multiply the set of volts and amps, it will equal the same as the other set. We might even purchase a Kobalt compressor for our work, assuming that our use of compressed air was incremental, and not used continuously.

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We would categorize the Kobalt line of air compressors as mid-use. They outsource, and that source will change from time to time. If so, please provide the model number too so that others can read how you feel about your Kobalt.