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Kobo arc 7 tablet review uk dating, good value, fast working 7-inch android tablet with google play apps

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It's set up so your Kobo library is the focal point. That's not to say that it's particularly comfortable to hold. It occasionally stutters through an otherwise smooth scroll, or takes a second to display a menu which is otherwise instant on a Jelly Bean tablet.

Hardware Kobo has powered the Arc tablet by a dual core 1. When you go through setup on a Nexus 7, you add in your Google account details. As it is, Kobo wasn't going to leave things be: Back to the top Reading Experience Kobo has a specific idea of what an ebook should look like, but once I figured out how to disable their formatting decisions I discovered that the Arc 7 has a very nice reading app.

Sitting beneath the impressive display is a pair of equally impressive stereo speakers with SRS TruMedia sound.

Sure, you can use the Arc 7 as an Android tablet but IMO it was developed with readers in mind, especially ones that buy from Kobo. But, on the Arc, the process involves signing into a Kobo account. This changes the Arc 7 from being an ordinary Android tablet into being more of an enhanced ebook reader.

I have since purchased an Asus tablet. However, there are weaknesses. This tablet is Google certified, which means you have Gmail, Maps, Chrome and the Play market available to get more apps.

In the box

And she did not know why I only had mb. But, while the Arc does stutter from time to time, generally software performance is very good. The front facing 1. It was also quiet when I streamed a Youtube video, but I could hear enough to describe the audio quality as middling.

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The 7-inch IPS display clocks in at 1, xmatching what you'll find on the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD and blowing past the iPad mini's 1, x -- though it does come up short of the Nook HD's bar-raising 1, x resolution. Software Kobo has tried to walk parallel to Amazon's path by offering a custom skinned user interface on top of Android.

And while the memory's not expandable, the 16 to 64GB of built-in storage should be sufficient for most folks. In the box Truth be told, not much at all.

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Sound quality is decent at lower volumes, but overall volume is good, if suffering a little in terms of distortion going at full blast.

The VGA resolution camera is intended for video chatting and selfies, and it pretty good. The display itself is a 7-inch IPS display with a resolution of x Wrap-up Placed against the low, low standard of last year's Vox, the Kobo Arc is a winner. There's no Bluetooth, which could have turned the Arc into a fully fledged productivity tablet by adding a Bluetooth keyboard or wireless headphones.

Kobo Arc review: another 7-inch Android tablet steps into the ring

This tablet wasn't built to compete with all the other tablets on the market; it was made for Kobo customers and folks who want to read on their tablet.

Kobo has introduced the Tapestries user interface to take up on the content discovery challenge. And the touchscreen is uniformly responsive and reliable. During our initial briefing in Berlin, nothing could be clearer.

Kobo Arc Battery Life

Physical buttons are few, with a standby switch on the top, and a volume rocker on the upper right-hand side below a headphones slot. To put it another way, there are people who want a tablet which can be used as an ereader. Otherwise, the only things spoiling the clean lines are a volume rocker on the right-hand side, and microUSB, microHDMI and headphone sockets on the left.

Front-facing speakers adorn the lower bezel, while between them on the undercarriage is a micro USB slot for recharging and transferring files via an included micro USB cable. I know I'm making this sound like an ebook reader, and in many ways this is the tablet equivalent of one of Kobo's ebook readers, only with a 7" LCD screen.

I am having problems tablet is slow and crash a lot.