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I got ice on the ground out here.

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Kordell Stewart posed close beside Towanda Braxton at the Grudge Match screening in Atlanta on Tuesday He continued, 'As you see on the blogs, we were at an event,' he said. Kordell said that his bohem elbiseler online dating priority right now is his son Syre Kordell, who first filed for divorce from year-old Porsha in March, was then seen putting the Braxton Family Values star's number in his cell phone, according to RadarOnline.

But a nice lady.

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The year-old Braxton Family Values star was ready to go a few rounds in a red leather jacket and heeled boots The meeting could be a match made in celebrity heaven as Towanda is no stranger to tumultuous divorce dramas herself.

From his divorce from housewife Porsha Stewart to the gay rumours that have plagued him for years, Stewart has had to regroup after reality TV battered his reputation. That divorce happened a week before Thanksgiving. My relationship is parenthood.

Did you go to the movies and just hang out? I got the opportunity to meet her.

Porsha Stewart Has A New Man! Towanda Braxton Denies Dating Kordell

Kordell and Towanda's photo created a buzz because it was taken just weeks after his divorce from Real Housewives Of Atlanta star Porsha Stewart was finalised.

Currently in the midst of a complicated split from her husband and father of her two children, Andre Carter, Towanda is still living with her ex at her sister's house after they were evicted from their own home, although they are legally separated. All kind of rumors have been out there for a long, long time.

And one thing leads to another. I love you, Sybil.

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The former quarterback, who was nicknamed 'Slash' on the football field, was all in black in a jumper, jeans, padded jacket and silver dog tags around his neck. He and I were hosting the Grudge Match — a red carpet event.

I heard about it. Are you dating Towanda Braxton? Anything else you want to clear up?

Towanda Braxton- Kordell Stewart’s New Girlfriend After Divorce from Porsha??

He was romantically linked to reality star Towanda Braxton after the pair were spotted together at a screening in December. But I got a lot going on over here. Porsha Stewart pictured here in New York in September was officially divorced from Kordell on December 5 The dirtiest blow that the Bravo diva has thrown at the sports star is to fuel rumours that he is gay, which he has consistently refuted.

Kordell Stewart denies claims he is romantically involved with Towanda Braxton. And Porsha being pregnant?

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Wearing a red leather jacket, skintight jeans and black heeled boots with buckles, Toni Braxton's year-old sister looked ready for a hot night out to celebrate Sylvester Stallone and Robert De Niro's new boxing comedy.

The former Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback vehemently denied the allegations about his sexuality. You guys know Big Tigga from the radio.

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Porsha married Kordell - who retired from the NFL last year - in a lavish ceremony in Mayafter the couple met while she was working at downtown Atlanta club, the Lucky Lounge. As you see on the blogs, we were at an event. I just want to say… Sybil, I love you.

Do you have a Valentine? The road to singledom has not been easy, however, and when the divorce was finalised on December 5, Kordell's lawyer told TMZ that Stewart is 'very disappointed' that the marriage didn't work as he 'expected to be married for life.

Braxton looked like the cat who got the cream as she cosied up to the NFL star Kordell went on to say that his main priority right now is his son Syre, with his ex-girlfriend Tania Richardson.

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Is she in the public? So how did that rumor get started?

Towanda Braxton & Kordell Stewart

And it just shot off from there. I have nothing against you, Kordell. Your publicist said you wanted to come on to address some rumors? The reality TV show pair stood hip-to-hip with their arms around each other as they posed for photos, looking like a perfect couple.

Your voice got a little high there. Again, my relationship is parenthood. I got the opportunity to meet her.

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Are you officially divorced from Porsha? And we took a picture together.

Towanda Braxton Hints at Date Nights with Kordell Stewart

Their wedding ceremony was featured on WE TV's Platinum Weddings but the matrimony was short-lived, with the blushing bride recently claiming that they rarely had sex. I sent out a gift to someone that I talk to. Towanda Braxton is a very nice lady.