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Kost cipete raya dating, similar places nearby

Rooms and availability

House-turned cafe Toodz House is a good option to meet with friends or to catch up with work. Among the dishes served in the restaurant are escargot, duck confit and duck kost cipete raya dating gras. Padang cuisine lovers may want to give RM Pagi Sore a try.

Where to stay Little Amaroossa Residence provides rooms, a restaurant and bar, gym and meeting rooms. Foodies may also want to try visiting Epilogue, a French-Indonesian restaurant that takes the shape of a traditional Indonesian house.

Cabang House Of Relax

It is a good place for those who want to relax with friends or to catch up with work. Other alternatives for coffee along the road include Srsly Coffee, Dua coffee shop and a branch of Sophie Authentique bakery.

The salon offers services for both ladies and gentlemen on separate floors, with services such as the aforementioned creambath, haircut, hair spa, body massage and facial services.

They will be glad to teach you.


Jakarta Coffee House, a small, classic style coffee roaster and shop on Jl. For those avoiding white rice, the restaurant also offers red rice to accompany the many dishes on offer.

Tips -Call prior to visiting Epilogue. What to eat Tucked behind buildings on Jl.

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Cipete Raya using available online transportation means, or a taxi, for shorter traveling time. Cipete Raya may want to try staying in the three-star hotel Little Amaroossa Residence. Meanwhile, fashionistas may want to visit Khanaan, a modest wear brand that was featured in Arab Fashion Week Toodz House also serves various dishes such as carbonara rice and spaghetti tuna matah.

What to shop for Homeware collectors may try visiting Motiff Made. Muslim visitors are also welcome to pray in its comfortable semi-outdoor praying room. Epilogue currently operates from Cipete Raya is also a haven for coffee lovers.

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Travelers may also consider taking the Transjakarta bus only up to the Masjid Agung Al-Azhar shelter—a stop before the Blok M shelter—and continue to Jl.

Toko Kopi Tuku is known for its signature 'kopi susu tetangga' latte with brown sugar. S Aside from restaurants, Jl. The hotel's facilities include a bar, restaurant, gym and meeting rooms.

Home - Twin House Cipete

Visitors can find unique ceramics, such as mugs, bowls and plates with price starting from Rp 30, An umbrella will also come in handy. Prices for makeup service starts from RpIn the same building, visitors can also find wooden furniture by local brand Kekayuan, as well as furniture by TRE Studio.

It mainly serves homemade-style cooking, such as fried or grilled chicken, chicken soup, as well as fried tofu or tempe fermented soybeans.

Cipete Raya, Kedai Halaman, serves Indonesian dishes.