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Followed by the second layer of foundation of the same kryolan concealer singles dating and do not put too much on the eye bag area. Concealer has different color from our skintone.

It is particularly good for hiding dark circles and is available in seven colors. Put them evenly onto the problematic skin. Concealer Circle The Kryolan Concealer Circle is an amazing product for covering up skin discoloration and it is available in six different shades for diverse skin tones. It stayed on her for full 12 hrs and it did not moved from its place until she removed it.

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Just one click of the pen is enough to cover the under eye area of both eyes. The twisting barrel is at the bottom.

It tends to set very fast so we need to be very quick in blending it. I never had any issue with color bleeding or settling into fine lines etc. But It works very well in conjugation with the Dermacolor Camouflage Creme. But for a quick fix, we need to hide our flaws with some makeup, right?

Their store outlets are in New Speed dating event names with reminisce, Mumbai and Chennai. Be it eye bag, pimples, pigmentation or scars. : Kryolan Concealer Wheel - Formerly : Concealers Makeup : Beauty

Since the concealer is highly pigmented, it should be used with care. But here, I am going to specifically list down the the best Kryolan concealers in India with their prices. Please Note that I am not wearing any foundation, the little bit discoloration left is cancelled by foundation.

With Concealer applied on Top of Orange Corrector.

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It is best for covering dark circles and is highly pigmented so just a drop is required for each eye. Also, it is mineral-oil free and so apt for those who have sensitive skin and allergic to mineral oil.

The texture is thick and creamy and blends easily with an easy finish. Follow up with Dermacolor Light Setting Powder to set it. It is avialable in 25 different shades to match various skin tones.

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The product can be used on different complexions and is available in five unique shades. You can mix them together to get the perfect shade as you desire and use the powder to fix and set the makeup.

In normal world, I would say that they are good and people should use them. I have worn it for a maximum time span of 9 hrs, It did stay for full time.

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Will soon review the second concealer as well. Some of their products are also available on Amazon, Ebay, etc. All these wonderful concealer products from Kryolan have been trusted by professionals over the years.

Convenient to mix and blend to suit your skin tone. I start with a very small quantity. Which ones have you tried and how did it work for you? There are so many websites running great offers currently. So how many of you here use concealers? Offers very good coverage.

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All their products are developed with ingredients of highest purity, dermatologically tested and against animal testing. Available in 75 color shades, this concelaer is not affected by heat and humidity and provides long lasting coverage.

It is little difficult to find Kryolan products here in India. The cube has two shades of concealer along with a fixing powder, which can be mixed together to get perfect shades for different skin tones.

It comes in a sleek, silver, twist-to-open packaging. Kryolan is a leading makeup brand which has come up with a number of innovative and effective makeup aids for women, who require them for professional purposes or otherwise.

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On the negative side, it needs to be applied with utmost care otherwise one can land up looking like an Orange. Comes in 16 different shades and is affordable. Looks and feels like skin when it sets. It does not move from its place. Kryolan is undoubtedly one of the best makeup brands and their concealers are truly awesome.

Available in an extensive range of 75 colors which can also be intermixed to give your skin tone a natural appearance.