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Because kabupaten peureulak raya dating afraid that minhyuk and krystal status will be known, mr. He hides and disappears like a mouse. And in middle school, minhyuk represented his school in soccer match.

Minhyuk also likes classical music like Chopin. Minhyuk met his first girlfriend when he was 1st year of highschool, then broke up at 3rd year.

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Minhyuk has a specialty in flute. The tears falls down without her notice.

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When he lies down, he sleeps and wakes up in that position. And jung is just 21 years old. She always keeps eating. She takes her right back hands to wipe the tears. She dressed casually tonight.

She shakes her head. Every time I met her, it always leads to food…. Then I think by myself again. For him being with her. Minhyuk wants to travel on a bike or maybe on buses. Are you going now?

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Minhyuk listen to others music to get inspiration. He was born at Chulsandong, but lived in Ilsan for 16 years. Minhyuk said his first love was a friend from another school but after being friends, he could depend and rely on her.

Minhyuk wants to go a backpacking to Europe someday. He is even good at cooking. Minhyuk nag when the house is not cleaned. Things from Japan that Minhyuks use regularly are Clothes. If he drink a little bit,face and his whole body turn red.

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This sound makes him feels like his mind is cleaned. This is the 10th time you telling me. Wearing a casual dress with cardigan plus having a voluminous hair she went out from the building.

Minhyuk first relationship is on 1st grade of high school.

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Manager wakes me up. Checking her final appearance on the window of the car, krystal is set to go. But actually he is quiet and manly.

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Krystal can only feel funny and letting out a loud chuckle, funny to see her abonim wanted to be compliment. Everytime he remind a memories, he think of someone. Her hands feel heavy, she looks down seeing the paper bags. Once my grade was so bad, I was so upset. Minhyuk get the inspiration mostly to arranging music from listening to music and watch movie in order to get th feelings.

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There was a big bookcase full of LPs, his father had collected them. His nickname is a mouse. All members revealed that Minhyuk is the early bird. So he hates to put alcohol into his body.

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He is just too neat. MinHyuk is in charge of mother. Minhyuk likes football, baseball and also travelling. I once saw jung slap minhyuk arms.

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Minhyuk liked band music after listening to Maroon5. Minhyuk like anime, such as Bleach, Naruto and One Piece.

Since young, his mother gave him various musical educations like piano and flute.