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Use a good neutral soap in the form of either flakes or solution. MSU is associated with the best weavers and artisans for products from across the country to provide the best of Indian craftsmanship under one roof. The more elegant draped sarees that not only looked good but were also comfortable is what attracted the Aristocrats of that era.

Maintain the same height so that the hem is even. The new tradition of hallmarking the saree with a special code brought about by KSIC has been a boon to all Mysore Silk lovers. The Mysore Silk Sarees are a common addiction in India when there is a mention of weddings. Based on a strong customer feedback from across the globe, Mysore Saree Udyog launched its online E Commerce portal a year ago to make its stunning range available to all its international and Indian customers and enabling them to order their much-loved and preferred merchandise from within the confines of their own homes.

A layman's test for identifying pure silk is the 'Burning Test' which can be carried out at any place and at any time. Light detergent may also be used in the case of hard water. The mysore silk fabric is no longer restricted to mere saree production. Main inspirations come from the literal glitz factor that the royals were keen on.

Hundres percent silk means both the warp and weft should be made from pure silk yarns.

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Precautions during ironing Use low to medium heat. The entire business is fully computerized including all the backward and forward linkages and deploys an Inventory Management system that is real-time and which minimizes customer disappointment.

There are many faux silk producers who cheat customers by claiming their sarees to be of Mysore Silk quality. The Pallu ofcourse will be the outer side and the other end.

Mysore Silk Udyog – Gorgeous palace of Indian ethnic fashion

Wrap zari sarees in cotton cloth to avoid discolouring of overleeft je relatie vreemdgaan dating. Cotton was the fabric worn by the lower or the underprivileged classes.

MSU is also constantly updating the features and functionalities on the site to enhance the overall customer experience. Pukhraj S Talera in the year dealing with bulk supply and manufacturing of real gold threads or popularly known as Jari or Zari.

Pure silk is natural and eco-friendly, which emantes from the silk worm. The Kings and Queens of the South were only clad in the best of Silk.

This will cause water spot on the fabric. Hold it in your right hand and pass over the left making sure the border is even. Silk with doubtful colour fastness may be steeped in cold water with a small amount of citric or acetic acid for minutes before washing.

Pure silk will give the smell of burning hair and will leave a black residue, which can be easily crushed to powder by the finger. Sources of Inspiration To denote royalty, irrespective of the culture, there exists a certain type of attire.

Since all kinds of Silk dry very fast, it is advised to not leave the fabric too long under the sun.


Add a few drops of citric acid or acetic acid to the final rinse in cold water. Always dry flat, in shade. Technology at your Service Mysore Saree Udyog is also technologically at the cutting edge.

Customer Service The Customer Service department handles several hundred customer queries every day and employs a large team of over 20 qualified and trained personnel dedicated to maximize the customer satisfaction.

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Maintenance Genuine Mysore silk fabric does not wear off with one wash. Bring Around 5 Bring the saree around your body. Pass the saree onto the front. Mysore Silk celebrated its th birthday with the introduction of designer Mysore Silk Sarees.

Drape Drape on your shoulder. The scientific work for invention of cheap mitation of Natural silk may be in progress, but in the market place there are numerous other textile materials sold in the name of silk i.

Mysore silk sarees

Today, Mysore Saree Udyog is one of the major attractions of Bangalore, patronized by a large international customer base including many famous socialites, actors and actresses under the competent leadership of Kamlesh P Talera and Dinesh P Talera ably assisted by Anil M Sancheti and Aditya P Talera.

Mysore Saree Udyog opened its retail showroom in with a clear intent to root itself in the rich Indian traditional ethnic fashion business. The various styles of draping the saree vary from state to state in the country.

Cash, Debit Cards, Credit Card. The simple use of yarn and zari to bring out true extravagance never ceases to amaze us till this date.

Description Description Mysore is rich for its Royal heritage therefore the silk produced there reflects the traditional splendor through its rich yet delicate motifs.

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Tuck In Hold all the pleats together and tuck them into the petticoat make sure the length of the saree remain the same and the them is even safety pin the pleats to your petticoat. It is usually dry cleaned as it needs to be carefully handled due to its soft texture. To carry out the simple test, take out a small piece of thread from both directions and burn it.

Very light detergent is to be used as the luster may be affected if heavy chemicals come in contact with the fabric. Though there is no clear-cut explanation on how they used to produce the quality Silk or the detailing and nuances that have advanced along with technological development, the widespread adoration for the fabric has no bounds.

Mysore Silk Saree Petticoat Find a petticoat that matches the colour of your saree exactly.

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Over a customer ordered items get shipped every day to different parts of India and the world through professional and reputed fulfillment agencies. Be it a Christian, Muslim or Hindu wedding, there is always a way to use this fabric. Mostly worn during the Indian festivals or weddings, the Karnataka or Mysore Silk is more of an occasion oriented fabric.

Never spray water to dampen silk before ironing. Keep the top edge level and tuck in a little to keep the saree place Safety pin at this point Start folding the pleats from right to left while holding the edge of the saree.

Saree Layout Layout your saree and figure out which side in side and which is the outer.

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Due to its heavy weaving and authentic look, the fabric is quite expensive. Rinse in warm water times to remove traces of soap. There exist wide ranges and colors of mysore silk shawls, stoles, scarfs, kurtis as well as Anarkali suits and pajama kurta suits worn by men.

Add a pinch of Borax or Ammonia, if water is hard. Even today, we are going through the journey, always striving to provide the customer the best product and value for money, each product that is unique and handpicked from the excellent set of weavers across India.

Now, it is the most worn kind of Silk across the country. The tradition of pricing the Mysore Silk Sarees at a very high rate has not changed over time.

Here, you can either let the border sit on your shoulder and let the rest fall casually.