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Learners point to and repeat simple familiar words that are both written and shown as vibrant illustrations. Tamara's hard work has paid off with a real improvement in confidence, which means she can now attempt challenging work with a fantastic positive attitude.


Through practice they move from repeating after the Instructor to reciting to the Instructor, as they start to memorise and recognise familiar words. They also start to work on spelling patterns. Whilst at the study centre, students hand in work that has been completed and marked at home, as well as collecting work for the following days until their next study centre visit.

In their reading they learn how to deduce the point of each paragraph and to express their understanding in written form through restatement and description.

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Throughout these levels, students are working to develop a sound study approach. Next Level Learning to read and write Levels 5A to 2A move learners from repeating and reciting to fluently reading words and short sentences aloud.

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They build understanding of language complexity covering figurative language like metaphors, similes and symbols. They learn how to summarise text, identifying key words and their relationship to each other, as well as answering comprehension questions concisely, drawing reasoned conclusions from the information they have read.

This helps them to associate spoken words with their written form.

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Next Level Sentence building Levels A to C help students to put together simple sentences and understand more about their structure, expressions and punctuation. Students consolidate their skills learnt thus far by writing a comment on a passage from an objective standpoint.

Next Level Critique Levels J to L further enhance students critical reading skills developing their understanding of plot, atmosphere, irony and comedy, as well as analysing literary characters.

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They work on sentence complexity learning how to use the correct word order, verb forms and punctuation and use these skills to answer questions fully. Kumon students complete daily Kumon study at home and attend their study centre twice a week.

By the end of level F they will be able to unravel text and break it down to understand its topic and conclusion.

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They begin to trace words and learn letter sounds and how to blend them, all the time increasing their vocabulary. They build reading speed whilst being able to visualise the contents of the passage they are reading and grasp its meaning.

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I really like that some parts of the Kumon English Programme are extracts of books. Swipe to see more Repeating and reciting Levels 7A to 6A engage students with the concept of reading through repeating and reciting.

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Next Level Paragraph building From levels D to F students work on grasping the flow of a story, identifying topics and main ideas, using many texts from the Kumon Recommended Reading List. Time spent at the study centre allows the Instructor to support your child in their studies and ensure that they are progressing well.

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By the end of level 2A they will be able to read short passages as well as write words independently and neatly. We always want to find the book to finish the story.