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Yang announces whether each member passes or gets eliminated in the show based on the showcase, position battles, additional points and online votes.

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The episode also features Big Bang's Taeyang as a guest judge. The trainees' auditions are simultaneously watched by the judges, their agency's CEO, and their co-trainees in the bus.

Jang Seongkyu replaced Noh as the host for today. Then, the episode continues with finishing JYP Entertainment's audition's scene which was held during the end of the second episode and Park Jin-young judging YG Entertainment's trainees afterwards. All three female groups are covered this week.

Also, the songs, remastered by YG producers, are decided through the survey about the contestants' role models and life-song.

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Participants enter the stage by their Formation Battle teams and snippets of their performance are shown. Then, another new mission is announced: However, a maximum of 3 members from the Debut team are allowed in one song.

Performances[ edit ] The following table shows the performances and winners during the three battles Position Battle; Formation Battle; Digital Song Battle during the show.

Participants start to pick their chosen songs one-by-one by ranking.

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The next part introduces Yang Hyun-suk and rapper CL as the judges as they start travelling to different agencies located all over the country for the audition through Yang's car.

Two buses 'Debut Bus' for the 9 chosen contestants and 'Trainee Bus' for the remaining ones are seen travelling along with the judges car. At the end of the episode, the music video of "Just Dance" was shown. The trainees are tasked to perform der weg nach mekka online dating in groups based on positions they want to debut in: Episode 13 January 21, [ edit ] The episode starts with a poll of the participants conducted before the elimination round.

They are to choose their members afterwards. The participants start to train by their levels with the trainers of the show.

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This includes 'Top 3 Visual': The performances of all the female teams 5 groups are covered this week: The next day, all participants are to perform once again for a chance to level up or down. Following the performance, the live voting closed and the announcement of Top 9 started.

Woo Jin-young and Shin Ryu-jin receive 1st place, [44] while the former ranks first in the overall rank; Lee Jaejun ranks 99th, escaping elimination.

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Top 9, A, B, and C. During the elimination round; participants enter the stage by their Digital Song Battle teams.

T comes along with him to judge. The four songs performed live on Episode 14 are not listed.

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Out of 99, only 54 participants Ranks 1 to 27 from both male and female teams are able to participate. After finalizing the teams of four groups at the end of the episode, 12 participant representatives' audition presentations or live performances are shown according to their positions: A new set of Debut Team are formed at the end: Male and female members from each team go against each other and the three best individuals for each team will receive, and points, respectively.

Participants enter the stage by their Position Battle teams and snippets of their performance are shown. After the minute video, auditions carry on with Yang Hyun-suk by himself for the first half of this episode.

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Both male and female teams will be given 3 songs each, and participants will be evaluated individually. Top 9 from each gender was then announced: The performances of all the male teams 5 groups are as follows: Soon after, the second elimination round commenced.

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Out of participants, 99 remains 46 girls; 56 boys and 71 contestants are eliminated. Participants who are given the pass by the judges would proceed to the singing portion and only nine people would be chosen to be included in the "Debut Team". The additional 2, points are given to 9 teams 88 contestants for receiving the combined highest points on their respective group and additional 2, points to Kim Byeong-kwan, Woo Jin-young, Kim Hyo-jin for males and Kim Hyun-jin, Jeong Sa-ra, Im So-hyun for females for receiving the highest points in dance, rap, and vocal position respectively.

The remaining trainees choose their positions beginning with rank 18 up to 1, with the higher ranked trainees being given the advantage of replacing the lower ranked trainees and bumping them into another song.

Noh Hong-chul was seen as the show's host.

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For every contestant who passes the audition, he or she would be riding the bus along with the other contestants. Being in the Debut team, the members are allowed to choose their preferred songs.

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T and Yang Hyun-suk. It also marks the start of public voting. Only six groups are covered this week. After their performances, a VTR of the participants watching their individual "Just Dance" re-evaluation from Episode 4 was shown.

In the end, men's team won against women's with the score of 8, over 7, The winning team will receive an additional of 10, votes while 2nd to 4th placers will receive, more votes, respectively.

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All contestants are divided into four levels: The trainees are given a shortlist of songs. Woo Jin-young and Shin Ryu-jin rank 1st place once again; the latter ranks first in the overall rank.

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Yang announces whether each member passes or gets eliminated in the show. Soon after, they perform "Come Over", "What!? Right after, their mentors tell them their new mission: In total votes, the boys team 28, votes earned an additional points each for winning against the girls 25, votes.