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The emotional tensions of the films derive from the elaborate interchange of glances, subtle camera movements, off-screen sounds, carefully placed bits of baroque and classical music, and rhythmical editing.

No special feeding in of material, nothing laboured, nothing that smacks of deliberate generalisation. James Film Directors Encyclopedia, "He is an example of pure cinema in the sense that he photographs reserved faces to evoke all the wildest emotions of the spirit.

Bruno Lapeyre Martial Yvon tries to pay his restaurant tab with the forged notes, but the waiter recognizes them as counterfeit. Others see in him a philosopher with a camera, an uncompromising Jansenist rigorously preoccupied with ideas of predestination and spiritual grace.

While in prison, he learns of his daughter's death and his wife's decision to start a new life without him.

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He fails in an attempt to commit suicide. He avoids histrionics and seldom permits his harry scherwinski dating as he calls them, drawing a metaphor from painting to give a traditional performance.

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Bresson later said that it was the film "with which I am most satisfied—or at least it is the one where I found the most surprises when it was complete—things I had not expected.

Bresson's originality within French cinema is twofold. Adams Sitney The St. He is taken in by a kind woman over the objection of her father.

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I know of no other artist as consistent as he is in this respect. Yvon is arrested and at his trial the photo shop people lie. His guiding principle was the elimination of what is known as expressiveness, in the sense that he wanted to do away with the frontier between the image and actual life; that is, to render life itself graphic and expressive.

Production[ edit ] Bresson first began work on the film's script in First, he is almost unique in pursuing a religious discourse; second, his dislike of actors and use of unknown amateurs runs counter to the great French tradition of performance - and dialogue-based cinema.

The police foil the robbery and arrest Yvon, who is tried and sentenced to prison for three years. Some time passes, and one night Yvon kills them along with others in their house with an axe.

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He cannot be classified with either the old guard or the New Wave but is highly respected by both for pursuing his own individual style, unperturbed by the cinema around him. He is a great director, even if no other great director seems less intrigued by cinema itself.

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In need of money, he acts for a friend as the driver of a getaway car for bank robbers. Released from prison, Yvon promptly murders and robs a pair of hotel keepers.

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That is the brilliance with which your images must shine. Yvon avoids jail time, but he loses his job.

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To see his films is to marvel that other directors have had the ingenuity to evolve such elaborate styles and yet restrict them to superficial messages He goes to a restaurant, confesses to a police officer, and is arrested.