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Son una verdadera delicia para los necesitados! He personally met with not only union leaders but with any individual worker who asked him for an audience.

La Fundación Eva Perón

What money of mine? I worked together with other employees in the "Delicias" at the Presidential Residence. She sounded like a calculator. Most of the institutions she visited had been scacchiera online dating by the state or by the wealthy Strictly speaking, what we have commemorated has simply been the Many people in Argentina today wish they could find the key to open that door and be comforted by the face on the other side of it.

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A modest man, one of the workers who was with Evita from the beginning, tells us. Contribute or collaborate by any means available to the realization of works constructed for the common good and which help meet the basic needs of the least favored social classes.

Del Poder al Exiliop. Construct buildings for the common good which can be transferred with or without charge to National, Provincial or Municipal governments.

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Just as Evita said: What she discovered in the war-ravaged Old World disillusioned her. Then I had to ask for help.

Fundación Eva Perón

I want to be of some use to my people. And finally I was obliged to organize the work, which in a few weeks had become extraordinary. Even this large space was soon filled up Evita had already decided that she would not be a traditional First Lady a title that Jacqueline Kennedy said sounded like the name of a horse ; she began to find ways to meet the needs of the people who crowded the sidewalks outside her house.

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To loan money, provide tools, establish scholarships for deserving people who lack resources. It is an enormous enterprise The Foundation had five goals, summarized here: By September the mail averaged 3, letters a day and long lines of mothers with babies in their arms and toddlers clutching at their skirts, of older people and people with disabilities, the forgotten and forsaken of society, daily converged on the Residence.

The first one has eleven stories and is where the Consejo meets [as well as other administrative offices].

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The people who looked to her with faces full of trust had long lived with no safety net for health care or housing; the price to be paid for years of neglect would be high; the personal price higher than she could ever have imagined at the time. Works that are under construction and will be inaugurated soon: At present, the National Library occupies the site.

She began to buy food and clothing with her own money and stack the boxes and bundles in an unused garage on the Residence property.

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InEvita went to Europe with the idea that Europe would teach her how to meet the needs of the most destitute of her country. She thought it best so as to be able to work quickly to have a verticalist, pyramid structure which gave her absolute freedom to make decisions and enabled her to escape from the bureaucracy she so detested.

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One of the garages of the Presidential Residence was the first Foundation warehouse. On June 19,degree number What I do know is that at first I attended to everything myself.

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Construct housing for needy families. There, on the first floor, is an exact reproduction of "Las Delicias," with the shelves placed in the same way that they were in the garage of the Presidential Residence.

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There the first shelves were filled with the first articles of clothing that Evita bought and the first donations that she received. The maintenance of this replica is the responsibility of one of those employees who [first] worked in the garage Why was the place called "Las Delicias"?

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When the labor unions found out, they began to send contributions - everything from shoes to sugar. I could not say exactly on what day. Evita knew she had to find a way to offer them immediate help.

Even in the midst of her exhausting daily schedule, Evita always found time to inspect the works under construction and to inaugurate the Shelters, Schools, Polyclinics, and other establishments which are unique in the world I remember it was a Saturday afternoon in September or October of Although he could no longer attend to them himself, the workers and the poor knew where he lived and began to ring the doorbell of the Presidential Residence in Buenos Aires 3.