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Read More Attract More Customers with Email Marketing I have come across many small businesses that have great products and services, but find it difficult to get paying customers. There are countless demands on your time and energy as you grow your company, from paying asiandating mobile, to collecting from customers, your time is strapped!

What if I told you your priority as a leader and entrepreneur is the success of all those you lead? However, in recent years, workplaces have been flooded with a new generation of workers.


In particular the housing stock deficit in India is huge and increases each year. Standard approaches to affordable housing will lead only to standard—and inadequate—results. The core idea is to do it not only through the involvement of experts and professionals, but also investigating how responses are shaping in the streets of the cities and how people see and work on them.

The aim of this article is to show what is the number one indicator of success and offer practical suggestions on how to implement it in your company.


Here you can find the workshop participants list: It is quickly becoming a popular hangout spot in Kothanur! Over students, from ageshave been trained, giving Bengaluru new labels and boutiques to meet their fashion needs. Cities need to think more broadly and creatively about a housing ladder that includes affordable housing but accommodates citizens of all income groups and their changing needs.

The school teaches students Western, Indian and Bridal tailoring designs through diploma courses. The City Lab will offer the city a combination of action research pinpointing priority areas and needs and case work exemplifying solutions.

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How do you know what your priority is? Water or Affordable Housing. They are passionate about empowering small and medium enterprises to create excellent products. Using the knowledge of IFHP members and working groups, the lab applies a collaborative, interdisciplinary approach that involves all stakeholders in providing new planning perspectives and ideas to stimulate existing expertise, interests and creativity.

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What if I told you the thing that should occupy most of your mental energy, should be the central focus of your role description as a leader, is the process and progress of building everyone else in your organization? However, as these millennials begin to become the inevitable majority in the workplace, it is imperative that this attitude towards them changes, and that employers make a concerted effort to understand them; to continuously adapt in order to unleash the true potential of the next-gen workers.

What are the key indicators to measure success? It will constitute a further step and establish a platform to investigate, understand and analyse specific urban challenges in the Indian context and to increase IFHP presence in this strategic area.

It is difficult to get customers because Read More The No. But, of all the important things that you need to be doing, what is the most important?

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How can we solve this problem? One of the most demanding of the development challenges facing India is channeling the urbanization process and managing growth of Indian cities in a manner that ensures equal opportunity for all citizens.

We can solve this problem if we understand why it is so difficult to get customers.

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Format The Lab is a format sharing and producing content research, workshops, round tables and exhibitions on very specific, local and practical issues related to selected main topics e.