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Ebuka Uchendu’s ex-fiancee, Lamide Akintobi was absent at his wedding….fans ask questions!

She relocated to Nigeria about six years back origen del pino yahoo dating has done exceeding well for herself.

Celebrated radio girl, Toolz, stormed the Channels Television studio midway into the live programme on the covert invitation of the producer when Ebuka had just announced that he was about to have his second guest.

At only 28 years of age, Moet has sure made a name for herself in the entertainment industry and shows no signs of relenting soon. As the show host, Ebuka had been accused of being mean to guests with his consistent probing, and it was time for him to have a feel of what he had put several celebrities through with Toolz bombarding him with daring questions about his career and private life and of course relationships with women.

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Eventually, he admitted — probably for the first time in the media — having dated TV presenter, Lamide Akintobi. The few minutes of the exciting interview which forced Ebuka unto the hot seat on his own set might just be one of the most memorable birthday surprises Ebuka would ever experience.

Getting personal, Ebuka could not count the number of tattoos on his body but he disclosed where some of them are placed, what they mean and what next he would be putting up on his body, yes he loves tattoos that much. I won't be petty and say everything looks good on her but truth is Toke is the only person lamide akintobi dating ebuka nnaji can tie a towel ordinary towel o and still make it look like gold.

He took a deep breath as the show ended. The Ogun state indigene has been in the industry for over a decade and has consistently worked her way to the top.

Presently, she hosts the Breakfast show on Urban F.

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Gotta love a lady who refuses to be bullied into hiding her curves to suit our messed up society. The melanated beauty never misses an opportunity to tell everyone who cares to listen that she is "made in Ogori" Kogi state and in this age where black skin seems to be going into extinction, you can't help but love you some Oreka.

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And please don't even tell me you don't know Tatafo because i would be heartbroken. But Shuga is only a part of Dorcas' story and not all of it as the UK-born beauty has gone on to host several big shows in the industry.

The UK-born beauty started out as a model at just 16 years of age and has since been a part of countless international campaigns for high-end brands. Media girl, Maria, is one beauty you just can't overlook.

He believed it made more impact asking celebrities what people are really asking on the streets and on social media. These women possess beauty, poise, and of course, skills which we used in determining this list.

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The good looking presenter who clocks 32 on July 14 confessed to being nervous as he was bewildered by the pleasant coup by his colleagues and the demand for honest answers to questions thrown at him.

The original baby girl. She has the looks, brains and the toolz. M but did you know she started out her career on Beat FM in ?

#BirthdaySpecial: Toolz hosts Ebuka Obi-Uchendu on Rubbin’ Minds… and was it fun or what?! (PHOTO)

ArikeTalks brings you a list of the top 10 hottest female radio and TV personalities in Nigeria. Moet not the wine is a young lady who started out as a TV presenter on her return to Nigeria from the United Kingdom where she had her university education.

Anyone who makes a list of hottest OAPs and exempts this lady's name is asking for trouble. Oreka Godis is another UK returnee doing it big on the Nigerian entertainment scene.

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He also revealed that the one person he was dying to interview was the Nigerian President, Goodluck Jonathan. This gorgeous woman is educated, talented and has quite some valuable experience in media.

Wonder if we should call her Helen or Tatafo?

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Whenever this name comes up, we all think Shuga. Zainab is one lady who needs zero effort to slay.

Lamide Akintobi

Helen Paul started out as a stand up comedienne named Tatafo many years back. I mean who would exempt a whole Tolu? M and even worked as a Production Assistant at Global Radio.

He revealed his untold opinions about some of the celebrities he had interviewed; the best, the worst, the ones he underrated but wowed him and the ones who disappointed.

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He stated that he felt the President had not been asked the kind of questions he should be asked and also the ones he would love to be asked.

He also gave his own clarification between arrogance, self-confidence and self-worth, the last two being what describes him, contrary to what some people might think.

On his several confessions, Ebuka spoke about how he had managed to stay on the minds of Nigerians after breaking through via a reality TV show, considering how many of such persons have gone quiet over the years. Hate or love her, this baby girl is here to slay stay.

Award winning Stephanie is beautiful young woman with a flare for hardwork which has been proved in more ways than one.

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Tatafo was characterized by child-like expressions, actions and even voice which Helen played convincingly to the awe of Nigerians.