Meet Bradley Soileau, Lana Del Rey's 'Born to Die' Boyfriend - MTV Meet Bradley Soileau, Lana Del Rey's 'Born to Die' Boyfriend - MTV

Lana del rey bradley soileau dating sim, from video games to lust for life, we reveal the numbers behind lana del rey's career to date.

Lana Del Rey's Official Top 10 biggest selling singles

Are your parents, and siblings proud of you? About 6 months ago. I definitely wanna get photographed by Terry. They wanted tender-loving stroking. I saw the nudes, I tumbled them. That was the day I was supposed to be there but I was having a hard time getting my passport, so, yeah This photographer that shot it, is friends with Yoannthe director of the video.

Bradley Soileau

I know everyone is so obsessed with her having plastic surgery, and if you really sit down and look at it -- makeup, and more money behind her now, so the shoots are better, everything is going to look better than the stuff she did when she was Lizzy Grant.

Just trouble with friends, and sh-t like that. I see like five years in modeling and hopefully the music builds up during my modeling career.

Here are some pictures. You did give it. Yeah, like 5 times now.

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Do you watch what you eat? Do you believe your good looks prevent you from being taken seriously? It just pissed me off. How long did it take? How did you guys meet? Lying gets you in shit.

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She was trying to say, since she went to jail, so she could say that. That what they wanted! Girls call me Bradley. There are tigers chilling in this video. I missed that day. Would you star in a Rob Roy video if he asked you? Who is this dude? My parents are southern Baptist, so no secular music or television.

Frank is the sickest. I got in trouble, and made an ass of myself there, but I loved it, and I miss it.

Bradley Soileau

And one on your forehead? Of course it is, cause they spend more money on it. Yeah, I do know this. Everyone is gonna wanna hate and say whatever it is they wanna say.

How has being from Louisiana informed your character as a person? I listened to it while I was in Paris, jumping on my bed, in my hotel room. I love his music and always show everyone his sh-t.

Hive tracked down Soileau and talked with him about his experiences shooting "Born to Die," working with Del Rey and what the tattoo on his forehead actually says.

All the tattoos are real. Do you have any siblings? It's actually one tiger. If you look at me in real life, and you look at me in a model picture, I look like a different person. It is funny if you view it for what it is. Who the f-ck is he?

And it turns out the same mysterious figure plays a prominent role in the official video for "Born to Die. Have you lost weight since six months ago? I saw what Perez said about Lana. Mid-December, we had an in-depth discussion with Bradley, and are now proud to count ourselves as fans.

Being from Louisiana has nothing to do with me at all. Yeah, I definitely do.

I would love to do a Lana Del Rey song. And Lana does have a great ass. Was the whole thing was shot in Paris? But do you think other DJs will write you off? I already have been getting offers for indie films.

What artists designers and musical acts would you most like to work with? After that, I just wanted to be something.

Who is Bradley Soileau dating? Bradley Soileau girlfriend, wife

I would think it would put you into a niche category. Burberry, Dior, Chanel, some big suit companies, any pop artist. No one reads his blog anymore.