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Thus, colonel Kotov dating daisy regel 116 self-righteous and sure of himself almost until the end because he simply cannot believe that Stalin will not protect him.

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Of course, it is not surprising that it was made by Nikita Mikhalkov, one of the few Russian directors who achieved lasting world success during communism, and therefore he had the right contacts abroad to get a decent budget.

Was this review helpful? Therefore, this superb drama is also the symbol of a historical breakthrough. The lighting is magnificent all the way through, and the ripe and wide wheat fields shine like gold.

He turns out to be known by everyone in the house, as he is the adoptive child of the late grandfather.

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Though, "Burnt by the Sun" is way better than Mikhalkov's pompous "Barber of Siberia", which was alloted more money than any other film in the history of Russian cinema. But one will not either forget the performance of his then six-year old daughter Nadyawho also plays his daughter in the movie.

Except for innocent looking balloons with Stalin's face on them and a few parading pioneers, the communist regime is visible almost only through the presence of colonel Kotov, brilliantly played here by Nikita Mikhalkov himself. In the early 's, Stalin decided to eliminate much of the newly arisen communist elite whom he did not trust anymore, and hired former enemies of communism, or half-criminals, to eradicate his own official allies.

It is only towards the middle you realize that it starts looming slowly towards predictable tragedy, and this only gets obvious in the very last moments.

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The French title for the movie was "Deceitful Sun", and I find it more appropriate. Colonel Kotov impersonates a character very familiar to the Russian mentality: He is about just as sympathetic as the gruff milkman with a heart of gold in "Fiddler on the Roof".

A charming, energetic and witty child performance which impersonates the innocence of the family about to be lost. They even have a maid and a parrot. The story takes a sudden turn with the arrival of an enigmatic character disguised as a Santa Claus in the middle of summer.

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It turns out that the characters we see are all members of an old aristocratic family who were spared the horrors of the revolution because the younger daughter, Marusia, married a Red Army colonel, much older than she is.

The action takes place in a cozy dacha among the birch trees, a house which seems to be the nest of a bunch of gentle and carefree eccentrics, all in an atmosphere that reminds pleasantly of Tchekov.

A subject which still remains quite sensitive since millions of people had their lives shattered by those events. Needless to say that "Burnt by the Sun" is one of the first Russian movies that deals so openly with the subject. However, this first forewarning soon gets forgotten throughout most of the film, which keeps a warm, light-hearted, slightly nostalgic tone almost all the time.

In "Burnt by the Sun", Mikhalkov was able to give us a palpable feeling of the beauty and genius of Russia. Thus, they keep on living as they ever did, playing cards, drinking tea from samovars, making private jokes in French. Although he is a military, he is not the kind of guy you think as having blood on his hands.

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In fact, he was Marusia's childhood companion, and her lover in the first place, but was evicted by Kotov, who protected henceforth the whole family from repression.

They seem totally oblivious of the reality around them. All performances here are good, even though Nikita Mikhalkov, as an actor, still manages to steal the show. It soon becomes clear that the man, called Mitya, has come to take revenge for his shattered life.

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But of course Lenin and Stalin's aura over Russian people was also partly due to the fact that they represented strong and protective father figures. Sign in to vote.

Yet, you can tell from the start that "Burnt by the Sun" is not going to be just a comedy, as the first scene opens on a man cutting his veins in a bathtub while the telephone is ringing. Unlike what happened for Nazism, it was not until the end of the communist regime that it was possible to discuss it openly, even though Stalin's deeds had already been condemned officially a long time before.