All Things Law And Order: Law & Order SVU “Betrayal’s Climax” Recap & Review All Things Law And Order: Law & Order SVU “Betrayal’s Climax” Recap & Review

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Barba asks if she can blame them. Witnesses told the squad detectives that Jesus was shot by the Deltoro gang, but the gun was never recovered and the witnesses are denise corlett dating advice BX9.

Rollins continues try to talk Avery down but Avery thinks Manny is dead and that they killed him. When Manny refuses to talk, the cops are forced to arrest him, but the violence only escalates. He explains the kid froze and he had to make it look real so he told him to shoot into the wall and the owner of the pharm hears the shot and he comes running and he said the kid wanted Oxy.

Avery asks if she has even been with someone who has been willing to die to protect her and Rollins replies no.

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Rollins replies there were possible signs of foul play: Avery replies Manny did not see her crying, and she wants to talk to him and explains.

Rollins says Manny testified in the video statement to the DA. Amaro says the gang raped Avery in retaliation for Manny blowing the deal. Amaro looks in his room and his grandmother says he left early in the morning, he has a job before school and Manny said soon he will have enough money to buy a gravestone for his brother.

Benson gives Rollins a funny look and Rollins chuckles. She comments that while they were on top of her, all she could think about was him, and Rollins thinks he did not want her to get hurt. Rollins wonders that Manny double crossed BX9, and Barba does not see that. Fin wonders if they can get him to turn on himself.

Avery thinks there is something wrong with her, asking why this has never happened with Manny, and she loves him. Avery thinks Manny is mad at her, because they made him watch all night and he saw….

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Fin comments that sometimes teenagers are unpredictable. Amaro says they will start canvassing local pharmacies for any that got held up in the last few weeks. Rollins says he may or may not be fully aware of what that meant.

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Amaro tried to talk to Manny's grandmother but she is inconsolable. Manny states BX9 will know it came from him, and Amaro explains that is why Manny is staying in around the clock protective custody.

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They explain the attack on the Capshaws and that they still got to them like they got to Jesus. Later, at the jail with Rollins and Amaro, Avery visits Manny and says she is sorry. Benson adds Avery is traumatized and experienced an involuntary orgasm during the rape.

Rollins smiles then asks Amaro how was D.

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Marisol slams the door and quickly makes a phone call. Amaro gets a message that they have a call, the parents of a teenage girl came home and their house was ransacked. Later, Fin and Rollins, along with more armed officers, break down a door and serve a warrant to Carlos O.

Amaro says it is a theory and Benson tells him to work it, otherwise as of now, no Avery, no Manny, these guys walk. Avery explains she and Manny have done that before and asks they not tell her parents, adding not last night.

She continues to feverishly paint as we fade to black.


Amaro replies Manny has a lot on his plate and is worried about is safety and reprisals on his grandmother, who has been mugged by BX9 three times last year.

She saw him looking at her when he left and she broke his heart. Avery says Manny had nothing to do with it, he loves her.

He admits he called it in to BX9 when there was a shipment of Oxy but the wires got crossed. Amaro explains that the pharmacist sent Manny back with a load of aspirin.

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Fin questions that O. Barba asks if the Deltoros were the suspects, and Amaro says no, the robbery was in BX9 territory, it could be a community gun, a gun any BX9 member can use and moves form location to location, taped under a stairwell in an abandoned building.

She hangs up and Barba asks how are the Capshaws? Rollins states they will be in touch.

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Elsewhere, Avery is standing on a building rooftop ledge and is sobbing while police stand below. Benson explains they have cuts and bruises and Mr.

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They bring up the circumstances of Jesus being shot and Manny says Jesus and O. Later, Avery is in the hospital and Benson and Rollins question her about thinking Manny was dead.

Fin adds that the last time he checked, the street value of aspirin is not so good.

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Benson says Manny is the only one they have in the apartment so this is all on him. She falls into the large inflated rig which protects her fall.

When Wilfredo says he does not know, Amaro questions that he does not know about the community gun? Barba plays back a recording of Carlos talking to Marisol where he says he is not doing any time, and that his people took care of Manny and he is not talking to nobody, not without a tongue.

Manny told her there was trouble with gangs in her neighborhood and thinks they wanted money. Rollins quips that it did take her a year to teach Fin how to. Fin says they thought they should let her know as her life is about to change and if she helps them, maybe they can help her.

Barba asks what else is new, and is he missing something? It was starting to get light out and she told them her parents would be coming back soon and they took Manny with them and when she found out he was dead, she walked out of the house and wandered around the city.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit Season 15 Episode 13: Betrayal's Climax

Capshaw has a broken rib and wrist and Avery had to get stitches in her scalp. Elsewhere, Avery is painting and Rollins comments what Avery is doing is different from her other paintings.

Rollins asks is anyone contacted them about a ransom, and Lydia says no, but their cash and jewelry are gone.

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He also shows him a third bullet, the one Manny fired into the wall at the pharmacy, they ran the ballistics.

She informs him her detectives are at the hospital getting statements from the family and he will be the first to know. Her boyfriend, Manny Montero, is a scholarship student from the Projects, and though his family swears he's on the right track, Amaro suspects he's involved with a dangerous gang.

At SVU, Amaro, Fin and Rollins separately question the three guys who insist Manny called them and Avery was into it and says she is crying rape now, what else would she tell her parents?

Manny says she can take care of herself, he saw that. Fin asked if he believed them, and Manny said they made him watch and he saw what he saw. Rollins explains that his testimony will include his own role in all this and in the statement he admitted he knew the gang was coming over and that they wanted to party.