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He continued taking small parts in movies as often as he could. He then went on to star in several other films, including Forbidden Quest, City of Violence and the hugely popular movie Death Bell. So Lee Bum Soo returned the favor. The film can be seen at the Ministry of Health and Welfare website or on Youtube.

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As ofhe has two new shows and a new movie. In the film a young person begins smoking and becomes addicted. Forbidden Quest Feature Films Hired to investigate the case of a counterfeit painting for the king's favorite concubine, scholar Kim Yoon Seo comes across an erotic novel.

That same year, he had a larger role in the film City of the Rising Sun. Inhe starred in a new television show called On Air. He attended Chung-Ang University, where he studied Theater. Shortly after the May ceremony, the couple announced that they were expecting their first child.


On Air Melodrama One of the highest-rated dramas ofOn Air explores the world of TV drama production where private and professional lives collide. He then starred in the film Shingles, which won critical acclaim and helped to make him a true star.

His film, "The Puppet," talks specifically about women and underage smokers and whether cigarette marketers should be allowed to target such audiences.

Jin," met Lee Yoon Jin when she became his English teacher. Inhe made his first television appearance on the show Love Story. Being a father has prompted the actor to focus more on health issues that affect children.

Lee Yoon Jin is about four months pregnant, so the baby is expected early next year.

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He directed a low-budget short film that stars the students he teaches. Immediately after college, he started working towards his goal of becoming a professional actor. Recently In Feature Films For an elite group of high school students, cram school is about to become a true nightmare.

Inhe appeared in the popular film Scent of a Man. Little did they know they stole a live one. The film is part of a no-smoking campaign. Lifting King Kong Feature Films Based on a true story, a former bronze medalist in weightlifting finds his second calling as a coach for a group of outcasts.

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She was 27 and he was When the couple married inLee Byung Hun was their emcee. Inhe starred in the show Giant, for which he gained much acclaim. Last Korean Dramas When a critical business deal goes belly up, Jang Tae Ho finds himself homeless and on the run from dangerous loan sharks.

Inhe took the lead role in the comedy film Wet Dreams, which was a huge success.

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Unable to take his mind off it, he writes his own, which quickly becomes a best seller and changes his life forever. The couple married at the W Hotel. Now the couple is expecting again. Giant Melodrama A blockbuster ratings hit, Giant is a gripping historical drama that depicts the tensions of Korea in s.

Lee Yoon Jin is a columnist, translator, and the English teacher who helped singer and actor Rain brush up his English skills.