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Lee jong hyun and gong seung yeon dating in real life, top stories

Sungjae and Joy do their spring cleaning. Lee Tae-min and Na-eun play in the water then have a sincere chat over a couple of drinks. Tae-joon and Bo-mi go hiking together.

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They're not even blurring the line between reality and variety anymore but completely erasing the line as if it shouldn't have been there in the first place. Jinwoon and Joon-hee celebrate their th day together with a honeymoon in Japan.

Later, they settle into their home.

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Jong-hyun and Seung-yeon meet up in Japan. Jae-rim and So-eun receive a mission to do something that will help them become closer. Min-suk surprises Ye-won with a visit to her movie set. Yu-mi joins Joon-young at the filming of his music video. And Seung Yeon is a smart and beautiful lady who knows how to keep the sweetness going on.

Hwang Kwang-hee's parents come visit. He and Na-eun are later given strzelanie wolnych online dating mission to meet the other couples.

Why Lee Jong Hyun and Gong Seung Yeon Left We Got Married Suddenly?

Lee Tae-min, Na-eun, Key and Eunji have a double date at an amusement park. Key and Eunji have a blind date. Lee Tae-min and Na-eun go on a date in Myeong-dong. Myung surprises Hye-sung with an event. Jang Woo-young and Se-young watch a movie in bed after their barbecue.

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Joon-young and Yu-mi continue settling into their new home. Jae-rim and So-eun prepare for their wedding. Jong-hyun and Seung-yeon have their first photoshoot as a couple for a magazine.

Jae-rim and So-eun make and pass out goldfish bread to show their gratitude towards their fans. Jinwoon and Joon-hee go horseback riding. Se-ho's parents meet Cao Lu's mother.

Jang Woo-young and Se-young settle into their home and cook their first meal together. Everything seems so REAL. Tae-joon and Bo-mi arrive at their new apartment. Sungjae and Joy continue their trip in Hainan.

Lee Jong Hyun and Gong Seung Yeon Leaving 'We Got Married'

Min-young and Do-yeon goes to a mudflat. Kwak Si-yang and Kim So-yeon meet for the first time. What's more, when Jonghyun looks at Seung Yeon, the love in his eyes seems to fill out.

Jae-rim and So-eun have their wedding reception and later go camping. Yoonhan and So-yeon decorate their house. Lee Tae-min and Na-eun move into their home. Sungjae and Joy visit an arcade and a karaoke room.

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Jinwoon and Go Joon-hee meet for the first time. Eric and Solar go to Jeju Island for a vacation. Kwanghee and Sunhwa reflect on their virtual marriage. Min and Jin-young continue their honeymoon and are given a mission to prepare for their wedding.

The potential new couples switch partners for their second dates.

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Henry and Ye-won spend time together at home. The way they stare at each other really gives out the vibe that they are really falling for each other. Jinwoon and Joon-hee have a wedding in Japan.

Jo Se-ho and Cao Lu meet for the first time. Min and Jin-young travel to Jeongdongjin to see the sunrise.

Guk-joo and Sleepy's trip concludes too.

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Min and Jin-young prepare to meet with Min's brother and his brother's wife. Eric and Solar go on a date at Gyeongbokgung. Min and Jin-young celebrate their th day together.

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Later, they head to their new home. Si-yang and So-yeon's housewarming party continues. I wish they will have a day in real.

I really hope they date together in real life. Jang Woo-young and Se-young go to an amusement park. So-yeon's bridal shower with her friends continues. Their virtual marriage concludes.

Jonghyun and Gong Seung Yeon end their 'WGM' marriage after 5 months ~ Netizen Buzz

Guk-joo and Sleepy's trip continues. As viewers, we can really tell what is genuine from fake as we all have watched others who were seem to have been together just for the sake of the show.

Min-young and Do-yeon starts their island village married life.