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Consultations[ edit ] Ofcom makes extensive use of consultations with industry and the public to help it make decisions based upon the evidence presented. Express interest in a particular tender or quotation.

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This contract specifically excludes any requirement to investigate interference relating to AM radio reception. Ofcom also publishes the Broadcasting Code, a series of rules which all broadcast content on television and radio must follow. To browse the list of tenders and quotations select the Tenders option.

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The current leeds federation tenders dating was produced in Please be aware that failure to provide correct login information three times will result in your account being locked As one of our suppliers, we need to make sure you receive our email notifications. The changes came after research found that callers are often confused about service call charges, and thus can avoid calling these numbers.

Ofcom is also the competition authority for telecoms, enforcing remedies in markets where it believes dominant operators may have a potentially harmful influence on competition or consumers.

Filter Results for a Fine Point We include many filters because the more focused your results, the more time you save. For further information on University Of Ressourcenplanung online dating procurement policies and initiatives please click on the following link.

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Spectrum licensing and protection[ edit ] Ofcom is responsible for the management, regulation, assignment and licensing of the electromagnetic spectrum in the UK, and licenses portions of it for use in television and radio broadcasts, mobile phone transmissions, private communications networks, wireless devices and so on.

Ofcom were given powers concerning the minimum broadband speed provided by Internet service providersthe ability to financially penalise communications providers for failing to comply with licence commitments and the power to require public service broadcasters to include leeds federation tenders dating minimum quantity of children's programming made in the United Kingdom.

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The July changes also saw 'freephone numbers' and become free to call from both mobiles and landlines. Monitoring public tenders is crucial for our company and TendersPage detections are accurate and fast. Investigate and, when necessary, carry out enforcement activities to clear interference or illegal use from the spectrum.

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Postal services[ edit ] In October the government announced plans for Ofcom to inherit the functions of Postcomm as part of a wider set of public service sell-off measures. Safely return your tender or quotation documents. Send and receive correspondence.

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The change came into force on 1 July and affected over million phone numbers, making it the biggest overhaul of telephoning in over a decade.

However, Ofcom may change some of these processes in future.

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We particularly appreciate the professionalism, personalized service and responsiveness offered by the Tenders Page team. TendersPage very carefully detects relevant procurements for us, which gives us turn-key results ready to be exploited. These 'general conditions' are wide-ranging rules relating to matters such as telephone numbering, emergency services, sales, marketing and interconnection standards.

Tools That Prevent Redundant Responses Big companies can easily lose productivity when multiple departments or subsidiaries pursue the same procurement opportunities.

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After this consultation period, Ofcom publishes all the responses on its website, excluding any personal or confidential information. One of its most high-profile interventions was to require BT to split its wholesale and retail arms into separate companies, bringing about the creation of Openreach which supplies wholesale services to both BT Retail and competing providers.

Since the beginning of our collaboration, we can estimate at 5. When your registration has been accepted, you will receive an email containing your Login Information. Some licences simply have to be applied and paid for, other commercial licences are subject to a bidding process.

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Premium-rate film services may broadcast content equivalent to a BBFC 15 certificate at any time of day provided a PIN -protected system is in place to restrict access to those authorised to view it. In Ofcom lodged a complaint with the Dutch media regulator regarding the content of adult chat television channels which are broadcast in the UK but licensed in the Netherlands.

Under the new legislation, which was promoted by an information campaign entitled UK Calling[28] call charges must be clearly stated on all materials that advertise a service number.

The act also transferred to Ofcom the regulation of the BBCa duty previously undertaken by the BBC Trust[11] [12] and updated the Ofcom Electronic Communications Code to make it easier for telecommunications companies to erect and extend mobile masts.

Ofcom protects the radio spectrum in a number of ways: Our choice was based on this solution because it was the most efficient in terms of the exhaustiveness of the sources, the volumes of the public contracts offered and the geographical areas covered.

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Until June Ofcom investigated all interference cases within the UK. Interference reporting has now been transferred to the BBC. The process of licensing varies depending on the type of use required.

In we decided to expand our scope and include international tenders to our national business.

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A period, usually of 10 weeks, is allowed for interested persons, companies or organisations to send in their responses to the consultation. For more information on using the web site select the Help option.

And the policy-making functions it has today will be transferred back fully to the Department for Culture, Media and Sport. Once you have received your Login Information, or if you are already a registered user, select the Login option.

Consultation processes begin with publishing documents on its website, [33] asking for views and responses. Be the first to contact public purchasers because you have their contact details first.