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Shrinks don't get to see what dealing with people in everyday life is like. Click here to view the full text.

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Just someone who came out the same vaginal that I did that I'm trying my hardest not to inflict my own for of vengeance in the form of insane psychological warfare to levels that he'd never be able to come back from.

The first time the cops had their guns pointed at me while I was sitting there not being aggressive or anything I was clearly no danger to them.

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The thread about siblings by Ross Pearson - Sat, 11 Aug I'm laughing thinkING about the ohotniki za golovami online dating I could put him through but chose not to.

Instead I'll do it slowly by just doing better than him aND living better than him while he mooches of my parents who just don't know any better. I don't think they've physically hurt anyone besides drunken fights, but sometimes I just don't know.

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In the end I know it's all smoke and mirrors just fake posturing on his part to make it seem like we have a relationship. I'm pretty sure humans didn't evolve to force themselves to stay loyal to a single person for years; we evolved to fuck everyone we meet, motherfuck, this marriage meme is retarded.

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Except he never moved on from that stage of his life. To make a beast of oneself is to doom oneself to being selected out. They'll cause a disturbance just to throw people off whatever scheme they're hatching, pit people against each other for any number of reasons, toy with people for their own amusement, make catastrophically irresponsible decisions because they think they're always right and everyone needs to apologize for them, etc.

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I didn't have a relationship with him since I moved out of my parents house where he would try to start shit with me and then blame me for it then my parents yell at me.

Intrinsic values like idividual freedoms are becoming inherent naturally selected traits important to how our brains work. Dude is a loser. Click Reply to view. They have been diagnosed with different things but it's definitely antisocial personality and they manipulate the doctors into getting the drugs they want.

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Ayyyyy that sounds like one of my family members. Whenever I'd come around it would always become about what he was talking about and he'd never let me get a word in about anything. Like I have a shifty brother who has always been jealous of me. It's a common misconception that antisocial means an introvert that wants to be alone most of the time.

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I have basically given up on him and I don't view him as my brother. The shitty part is we're all such good people that we can't just cut this person out of our lives and let them loose on the world.

I know that if I have more than one kid those kids … Comment too long.


Close to his 40s. Marriage is stupid by Doris Murdspear - Sat, 11 Aug This dude has gotten so much music and entertainment from And I've heard him telling his friends about it as if he is the one that discovered it. Both imes he attacked me and I would ty to defend myself then when I did he would lie to say I started the whole thing.

Brother is an aging millenial. Actually i was told by one doctor that it's common for someone to have a mishmash of personality disorders, not one cookie cutter diagnosis.

Any activity or thing I do he will try to undertake so he can be more like me.

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He's tried to call the cops on me twice doing this. While that can be true, the clinical definition is basically lacking the part of the brain that makes you care about people, aka a sociopath. They put me in handcuffs and got our story but didn't charge me because they had no proof I done anything he said I did no physical marks on his person.

Anyway I always kind of fall for this thing where we don't talk for awhile and then he tries to develop a relationship with me.