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Fix those simple cupcakes and the rating can only go up!

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I didn't notice any salted flavor, but maybe it was just me. The shop pairs classic features like brick and metal beams with quirky flea market finds for a space that makes you want to stay a while. Flirty Cupcakes has received numerous awards and recognition including being voted best food truck in Chicago.

These cupcakes are bite-size But I suggest getting it because you can try a lot more cupcakes!

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I really enjoyed this cupcake. This chocolate cupcake was metadating geek and sundry internship with both a cream cheese and chocolate filling. The service is super-friendly, fast and professional.

This was leo flirty cupcakes my favorite.

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It was moist, soft, and had the perfect subtle chocolate flavor despite being red. Last, but not least The Devil In Disguise red velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting. With a hip storefront and cupcake shop on wheels, they make grabbing the perfect indulgence while on-the-go a piece of cake.

And, those simple cupcakes are actually something I would never order again or recommend. A Raspberry Stole My Heart chocolate cupcake has a raspberry cream cheese filling, topped with a raspberry cream cheese, chocolate chip frosting.

And, their success has been seen with the opening of their "Cupcake Garage" aka their very own storefront near the UIC area.

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The cake is near perfection and prices are student friendly. Thankfully for Chicago locals, Tiffany Kurtz turned her passion for confections into a career path that has taken her from baking non-stop in a rented commercial kitchen and selling from a van, to owner of a storefront and over 26, Facebook fans.

You may wonder how they were able to run both a food truck and a bakery, but after tasting one of their cupcakes, you will immediately understand how.

The raspberry flavor was actually very prominent with both the filling and frosting featuring the fruit. The moist red velvet cupcake is haloed with a heavenly cream cheese frosting.

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While gourmet lunch and dinner trucks abound, there are only a few that cater to the sweeter side of life. How far would I walk for this food? The cake was moist and rich. I love cream cheese frosting and Flirty Cupcakes's is very rich and smooth.

Flirty Cupcakes - Chicago Illinois

Mini Cupcake Variety Pack After stumbling across the mini variety pack, I was excited to be able to try 4 different cupcake flavors without overeating.

The truck is super popular and have a huge fan base so anticipate a crowd around their truck. Tasty, but nothing memorable. The first is the "Devil in Disguise," which was a red velvet cupcake with a cream cheese frosting.

Flirty Cupcakes was one of the first cupcake food trucks that stormed Chicago. We met with owner Tiffany Kurtz and it was a delight to speak to her.

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The Beached Coconut vanilla cupcake is soaked in coconut milk and lightly frosted with a coconut buttercream. The next is the "Paradise Island" which was a pineapple rum cake with coconut cream cheese frosting. The consistency and flavors are distinct, fresh and clearly high-quality.

The McDreamy is a super moist cupcake with a cream cheese and chocolate morsel filling. The cupcakes are among the best we've had. So for that reason, I decided to give them a 4 mile rating. Reasonable price for high-quality cupcakes made from scratch.

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They have an incredible selection of flavors, with some out-of-the-ordinary creations that I love. Unfortunately, with such amazing creations, their simple, plain cupcakes get left behind. The size is like a typical cupcake It honestly was just a chocolate cupcake with a caramel frosting.

Flirtycupcakes A Quick Word: I think this one was a "special flavor" because I usually do not see it on their menu. We tried several cupcakes and all of them were absolutely delicious!