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This decision intensified the campaign of the Quebec French language press for an autonomous French language branch.

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Masters in Their Own House. Claude Jutra committed suicide in the s after a struggle with Alzheimer's disease, and Gilles Carle became too sick to direct.

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The previous Quebec film to hold this honour was Les Boys. Two methods were employed: The government-funded movie industry tried to repeat Arcand's success with international co-productions, big budget movies and so-called "mass audience movies".

The church then almost succeeded at closing down all projection rooms in the province. However, the Parliament of Quebec passed a law preventing only children under 16 from attending movie projections.

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He then proceeded to direct two movies that were nominated for best foreign picture at the Academy Awards: In the s and s, the first commercial attempts at cinema happened. Home-made blockbusters came in s and begin to dominate their home market, putting American blockbusters in second place. Inthe new commissioner, Albert Truemanrecommended the creation of a separately funded French production wing.

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Camera" Documentary film about the Quebec film industry. It should be mentioned that this film suffered re-editing done to accommodate theater owners. Two production houses were at the origins of all the movies of this period: This law would be repealed only in The s and s[ edit ] saw the solidification of Quebec's movie industry.

Indirector Claude Jutra released one of the most critically praised Quebec film to date, Mon oncle Antoine.

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Nevertheless, some films were produced in Quebec during this period. Inthe Laurier-Palace theatre burned down, killing many children. Arcand and Carle had critical especially at Cannes and some commercial success with films such as Gina Arcand and La vraie nature de Bernadette Carle.

Meanwhile, director Robert Morin made himself known with personal movies like Requiem for a Handsome Bastard Requiem pour un beau sans-coeur.


Inthe Quebec-made action-comedy Bon Cop, Bad Copa film with dialogue in both French and English, took over the title of most popular Canadian film at the Canadian box office.

Most of the commercial feature films came primarily from four directors: A two-hour-long restored version, seen inshows more artistic coherence. The s[ edit ] The s were marked by three consecutive Academy Award nominations for Quebecois films in the Foreign Language category, [6] namely for IncendiesMonsieur Lazhar and War Witch University of Toronto Press, National Film Board of Canada.

The Politics of Wartime Propaganda. John Grierson and the National Film Board: Its office moved from Ottawa to Montreal in This allowed a greater number of films to reach the screen through government subsidy.

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InJean Beaudin 's J. War Witch director Kim Nguyen proclaimed "People around the world are looking at Quebec cinema now and waiting for the next director to come out of here. Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, Pickersgill rejected Trueman's recommendation as Ottawa feared that two separate organizations would develop under the same roof.

Aftera lot of artists felt that the struggle to build a nation that had animated early Quebec cinema was lost.