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She is often said to be the best pitcher in the girls' baseball team. An evening with the nonagenarian and three of your friends is up for grabs if you can scrape together enough cash for a good cause.

Nowhere is this more evident than when she and Veronica are competing for Archie Andrews ' heart, and yet they remain best friends Veronica once told Archie that she and Betty are only rivals in unimportant matters, like boys. Apart from that, she has not mentioned any fact about an affair or having letty betty dating boyfriend in the past.

Betty is also good at skiing and car-racing. Relationships[ edit ] Betty's best friend is Veronica.

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Her fans can get every update about her recent activities from her account. In the late s, the two girls joined Archie's band, a garage band appropriately named The Archies. The four of them were having dinner together when people from the school mistook Jughead as Betty's boyfriend because he was carrying chocolates to her house.

In the Life with Archie magazines that depict a future timeline in which Archie marries Veronica, Betty and Reggie are portrayed as a loving couple.

A new Betty and Veronica series published issues from June —late She looks gorgeous, charismatic, and sexy in any outfits she wears, especially in tights that show her perfect curves.

At the same time, she takes various types of fully free indian dating site, including some work as a mechanic, which is also a career that she is interested in.

Early Life And Education Of Betty Nguyen

The two have commented that Jughead and Archie's friendship could not compare to theirs. Yet her songs are also transferable to slow, sensitive acoustic ballads that perhaps better allow the space to showcase Betty Who's brilliant voice, allowing for the expression and depth of emotion in her songs to really come across.

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Career[ edit ] Betty enjoys writing and keeps a diary that is featured in the series Betty's Diary. Wyndham's who was killed in combatbut after a while Ms.

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In return, Smithers, the butler, and the rest of the staff, who are quite appreciative of what Betty did for them since they never seem to get any appreciation from Veronicaoffer to help Betty with the next party she throws, for free. Many people admire her, and there are several fans especially male fans following her.

She was around five years old when her parents left Vietnam and moved to the United States.

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Once when she had a sprained ankle, Veronica told both Archie and Jughead to visit her. The dinner will take place in the greater Los Angeles, CA area.

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Some stories indicate that Betty is the better vocalist. Although the two are often involved in disputes over Archie or something else that evokes jealousy, they have remained the best of friends since their childhood. Sincethe actress has served as a trustee for the Morris Animal Foundation and has personally sponsored more than 30 animal health studies to improve the health of cats, dogs, horses and multiple species of wildlife.

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Betty and Archie are childhood friends. Nguyen has a very pleasant smile on her face with an astounding deliverance of information in her shows.

The quintessential girl next doorBetty's middle class upbringing is a world apart from the flashy lifestyle of her wealthy friend, Veronica Lodge. She submits her work to writing magazines and has been published a number of times.

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However, at other times, Betty and Veronica regard the seductive Cheryl as a threat because she tries to lure Archie away from them, and the two best friends unite against Cheryl to protect their interests.

Betty's other female friends include Ethel MuggsMidge Klumpand Nancy Woodsall of whom share common interests and group activities such as shopping and cheer-leading.

She only befriended Archie and faked her affections towards him in an effort to get closer to the newest werewolf of Riverdale, Jughead.

Nguyen has not disclosed the name of her husband in any of the social networking sites but is known by AJ.

Betty Date Crasher Girl Game

During a stay at the Lodge mansion, while the family are in Europe, Betty is waited on hand and foot by the servants and, keeping true to her caring, loving, and unselfish nature, she begins to feel guilty about being waited on.

She has maintained an attractive body physique as well as her work.

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The HungerBetty hails from a long-line of werewolf hunters that have always taken down the Jones werewolves. The California sea otter! At times, Betty is seen to have a close friendship with Cheryl Blossomespecially in Cheryl's own title.


Nov 29, at 6: She likes to help the homeless, read to the senior citizens, and rescue wounded animals and birds. Betty's relationship with Jughead Jones has mostly been that of close confidant and close friend, as they normally discuss their issues more candidly with each other than anyone else; Jughead will provide commentary on her feelings for Archie, and Betty will attempt to "better" Jughead, by getting rid of his slothful attitude and laziness.

The wedding ceremony was a small one and was not publicized. She once got to be an intern for a fashion magazine but ended up modeling as well.

Betty Nguyen's Career

Chic moved to New York City and Polly to San Franciscobut both occasionally appear in flashbacks to Betty's childhood, and both occasionally visit their family.

She had a friendship with an elderly woman named Lydia Wyndham, whom she found when doing research about World War I. Once Betty said that sometimes the way Archie and Reggie fight over her, it sounds like she has the plague.

Born in Sydney, Australia, Newham trained as a classical cellist from the age of four and taught herself how to play the piano and guitar.

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Interests and personality[ edit ] Betty is friends with everybody, and is a loving daughter and sister. In addition to appearing in many Archie stories, Betty was the star of two long-running comic book titles published by Archie Comics during the period — Wanting to do something very special for them in appreciation for the tough jobs that they do and for what also seems to be a very thankless job in serving someone like Veronica, who tends to be very snobbish towards those who serve hershe throws them a pool party which surprises Mr.

Betty is a skilled mechanic who frequently helps Archie with his broken down car Betsy. Live reviews Betty Who Wow! They both star in a reality show based on their lives.