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But with the men responsible for the attack now in prison, he has no option but to follow them there.

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With uncontrollable rage driving him on, his quest for vengeance will burn all those who get in his way. Punishment will be served.

Joe Cole, Kimberley Nixon Download on: Occasionally he snaps, and violence is the result… Destricted Directed by: Performance art legend Marina Abramovic delves into Balkan folklore to create an instructional series of mis-en-scenes that explore the crude, magical and mysterious rites of ethnic fertility and virility.

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Facing a tough, unforgiving environment where violence is an everyday occurrence, he will stop at nothing to punish those that destroyed his life.

Pirk of the Starship C. Larry Clark, cult anthropologist of American adolescence, directs a sensitive yet frank investigation into how, for the generation growing up in the s pornography has shaped the way we think about sex and sexual fantasy.

American iconographer Richard Prince appropriates a segment video that captures the generic gold-standards of 70s porn and re-shooting it in the manner of the cowboys, girlfriends and outlaws that first made him famous.

Amazon When Tommy Nix loses his girlfriend and unborn child as a result of a brutal attack by an armed gang, he vows revenge.

Tomorrow Will Be Better

The result is a riveting documentary about desire and sexual inititiation. American artist and filmmaker Marco Brambilla ransacks porn-film archives to produce a witty, fast-moving montage of money-shots.

Unemployed and unemployable, Tony prowls the streets, his nervous attempts to make human connections rebuffed by laughter or contempt. This British edition features several shorts not available on the American edition.

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Life is not good and Pirk s daily routine consists of stuffing his face at the local fast food restaurant and trying to convince the ladies that he is, in fact, an intergalactic space hero form the future.

Kickstart and his crew, Commander Dwarf and Commander Info, find themselves stranded on 21st Century Earth after a previous adventure to save the planet from hostile aliens.

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Amazon A week in the life of Tony, an alienated psychopath with severe social problems, an obsession for action films and a horrible moustache. British art star Sam Taylor-Wood directs a porn star in a droll elegy to the great American outdoors.