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Electrical operation begins on the rack railway, steam operation limited to Sunday excursions. History[ edit ] 23 August As a result of the rebuilding of the rack railway's Degerloch station, the connecting track to the adhesion railway was lifted lilliput flirt stadtbahn zugspitze the rack railway became isolated from the rest of the SSB network.

Centenary celebrations and last school run on the traditional rack railway route by motor coach and demonstration car First two railcars with 3 axles are delivered, number in service until and scrapped due to damage in The museum employs it today as narrow gauge passenger vehicle on its own line.

Starting in Decemberthe trains will be put on the Frankfurt — Koblenz route.

Stadler FLIRT

The first 19 units of this type to be delivered were four-sections long, and were followed by eleven units ordered that six-sections long and are additionally equipped with the ETCS Level 2 train control system.

First two units arrived on 6 December and started their public service on 15 December of the same year. However, to distinguish SSB-owned vehicles from Filderbahn-owned vehicles, the latter provisionally prefixed their vehicle numbers with the letter "F".

The line is one of two working railway lines that are tourist attractions in Stuttgart; the other being the Stuttgart funicular railway that leads to the forest cemetery, gysev flirt msts trains operates as SSB line Trials on transporting bicycles on the inclined line in a demonstration wagon designed by the company.

Their fleet consists of 14 three-car and 6 four-car units. Last railcar of the first generation, numberis taken out of service. The rack railway train includes a wagon at the front or back for transporting bicycles.

The units will also receive the blue and white colour scheme. Overview[ edit ] Affectionately called Zacke spike by the residents of Stuttgart, the line was opened on 23 August Electrification of the rack railway line was delayed by two years due to technical problems.

The maximum incline on the route is Italy[ edit ] ETR unit in Italy. In Italy FLIRT are used by six regional railways, in total units ordered and built are so divided among the following companies: Railcar numberrecently taken out of service, is paraded in the Stuttgart Shrove Tuesday procession as an attraction.

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Extension of the route at the top of the line to the Albplatz to improve the connexion to the metropolitan railway. Cessation of routine three-coach working.

Last two coaches of the second generation railcars delivered, number today a museum railcar and dismantled in The first unit arrived on 11 September [42] These four section units have the same blue and white colour scheme with yellow doors which is the same as the orders livery.

All passenger coaches on the rack railway and Filderbahn repainted to SSB livery.

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Motor coach was the first vehicle built entirely of steel to be delivered to the SSB. Replacement of the former swinging leaf doors on the ZT4 by appropriate external swing out doors on the DT8. Also since December WestfalenBahn uses 14 three-car and 5 five-car trains for trains services in the Teutoburg Forest region.

Relocation of the rack railway's Stuttgart terminal station from the valley to Marienplatz to improve transfers to the trams.

Replacement of the track superstructure; partial laying of a new, slightly narrower rack rail.

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Replacement of the old cast iron bridge commonly called the Turkish bridge because its manufacturer, Maschinenfabrik Esslingenoriginally intended to deliver the bridge to Turkey.

On the branch line to the depot of the old rack railway yard, the maximum incline is Transfer of trailer s from the Filderbahn to the rack railway to handle the increased school traffic. The Filderbahn Company operated the route from Stuttgart to Degerloch station.

Refurbishing of the complete rack railway track for use with newly commissioned railcars of type ZT4. As a result of changes to the track layout at Marienplatz and the construction of the underground station the double-tracked valley station at Marienplatz was replaced by a single-tracked station, half of which is located on the bridge across a water reservoir later filled in.

The route runs along the Alte Weinsteige, which was historically the main route to the Filder towns until the Neue Weinsteige was built in Reopening of the rebuilt terminal and bridge at the entirely redesigned and modernized Marienplatz 6 December.

In DB Regioa subsidiary of Deutsche Bahn ordered five five-section vehicles for regional services on the German east coast.

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Introduction of modern ZT4 motor coaches into the metropolitan railway network. This was however extremely rarely done and then only up to when the practice was discontinued. Hitherto it had been displayed by a private collector as a monument.