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She finds him in the freezer causing havoc and messing the room up. He arrives at Lucy's apartment, where the two girls are asleep.

Vivian enters the apartment the following morning to find Monte and Lucy asleep on the bed, handcuffed. She linguini incident online dating herself to sleep after having not been able to reach the key that unlocks the cuffs.

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She struggles to answer it but manages to by kicking the phone onto the ground so she can hear it. It's vitally important that it happens before the Vivian and Monte believe that they can train Lucy, but quickly, for the stunt is to be performed the following night.

Lucy is visibly shocked and asks the driver to stop before climbing out of the taxi.

The Linguini Incident (1991)

Outside, Viv is waiting by two new bikes from Cecil and Dante and the movie ends with the two girls riding down the dark street. She is constantly annoyed by her gambling, egotistical bosses. Later on, Viv and Lucy ride to an antique shop where Lucy has her eye on Mrs. Lucy is locked in the bag, suspended upside down, and dropped into the water.

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Both become frustrated because they both want to rob the restaurant at the same time. Later on, Monte is still somewhat damp but approaches Lucy nonetheless. Jeanette is fascinated and happily hands over a bag of money.

The two girls leave, too, and Lucy, full of guilt, confesses to Vivian that she made out with Monte. Meanwhile, Lucy heads back to the antique shop to buy the ring, only to find it has been sold. In the freezer, Lucy flees the room, leaving Monte confused. The two chat, with Monte desperately asking Lucy out for breakfast, even though Lucy doesn't want to.

Unfortunately, the linguini incident online dating goes disastrously as she cannot find the key to free herself. Lucy is called up and begins her escape routine.

She has an ambition to be an escape artistspecifically a modern female version of Harry Houdiniwith her best friend, Vivian Balint as her assistant.

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Expecting Lucy to uphold her side of the deal, Monte heads to the Register Office and waits for her. She tries to avoid them, but they drag her into the vehicle so they can rant about their excitement for the bet.

Lucy confronts Monte while they are waiting for her turn at the audition. They can't work together, as that would mean splitting the money, and Monte needs it all to pay Jeanette. Lucy also collects anything that once belonged to Mrs. She decides to rob the restaurant after her bosses, Dante Gregory and Cecil Henry once again decide to fine the waitresses if they don't sell enough desserts.

Lucy agrees and the two head to Vivian's apartment, where she's working on her 'self-defence bra'. Viv reluctantly agrees and takes the gun from Monte. The canvas bag is still in the water. He makes it clear he only wants to marry because he is in dire need of a green cardbecause if he doesn't and has to go back to Britain, he will surely die.

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It's Vivian, dressed in a red disguise but with the same black veil covering her face. Lucy realises she completely forgot, so she and Vivian rush to the Register Office.

Houdini's wedding ring between his teeth. He wakes them up and discovers they have serious hangovers. Worried that they won't help him, Monte makes up a story, 'Cecil and Dante know about the robbery After a bit of chatting, Lucy finds out that Cecil and Dante don't know who committed the robbery, even though Monte told her they knew.

She makes threats but the guests laugh at her, so she pretends she's a performing artist and the stunt was part of her act.

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He explains to his friend his intention to rob the restaurant, and asks his friend to help, who declines. Lucy finally shows up, surprising Cecil, Dante, and Monte.

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Houdini was vital to Harry Houdini's escape routines: She heads over to Viv's apartment to mope. He frees her legs and unties the noose but will only free her hands on the condition that she marries him.

After an argument, Vivian storms off to go and talk to Monte, who's serving at the bar. The two kiss before Lucy leaves. Vivian goes to the restaurant to tell Lucy some big news: It's later on when the trio discuss the plan: Monte and Lucy will create some clever diversions so that the guests will be on edge.

Jeanette also gives her two bags of money from the register.

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Annoyed, Viv presses a button on her bra, which causes two knife-like spikes to stick out of it. There is simply no time to get married any other day, so Monte leaves in anger. Lucy doesn't share the enthusiasm. Later on, Lucy is practising an escape trick when she loses her balance and becomes trapped by the noose she was planning to escape from.

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He manages to convince them to give him another chance, and they make another bet: Lucy begins to cry again so Monte tries to cheer her up by talking about Mrs. After an awkward arrival, she puts on the straitjacket, has her legs cuffed, and is almost in the canvas bag when Monte interrupts, wanting a 'goodbye kiss'.

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Monte is also present at the meeting, with one of his hands still cuffed. Thinking she has dropped out, Monte storms off, and Lucy follows. Lucy, unsettled, declines, so Monte handcuffs Lucy to himself and the bed before falling asleep, with an upset Lucy following suit.

Monte calls her back and asks if she will go out with him the following day, but this time, it's for real. As it turns out, Viv had a flat tyre on her bike, so by the time she turns up in a disguise to commence the robbery the guests are calm and don't take her seriously.

She appears to be struggling to escape when several gun shots fire. She presses her 'self-defence bra' and the spikes once again stick out.