Liquidation of a Vietnamese entity—critical tax exposures Liquidation of a Vietnamese entity—critical tax exposures

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The liquidation expenses, including campamento castigo latino dating check on whether these expenses were spent in compliance with the law. Enterprises which are granted this tax relief, but actually operate for less than 10 years, are technically required to repay the amount of tax exempted or reduced.

Note that all companies have to submit outcome VAT when they sell their goods and services. Seniority is an important part of Vietnamese culture, especially when it comes to business. De-registration from Ministry of Commerce, and cancellation of the Approval Certificate Tax audit and de-registration from the local tax bureau Tax audit and de-registration from the state tax bureau Customs de-registration De-registration with the State Administration of Foreign Exchange De-registration from the State Administration of Industry and Commerce De-registration of the Business Code Certificate Public announcement in a newspaper to terminate the business Remit funds back to investors Close bank accounts In addition, some companies in particular sectors may have other specialized registrations and those should be closed off as well.

The government provides these incentives as a means of attracting capital and improving development in these areas. The governments of the countries have been negotiating with big investors about the investment incentives for big-scaled projects which have national influences to the socio-economic development.

Read more about tax planning in Vietnam. The suggestion of the law compilation committee to give more power in deciding the investment incentives to the government, if approved, would help settle the existing problems.

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If at the expiry of a term of land use, investors who have good compliance with the law on land have a requirement for continued land use, the competent State body shall consider an application for extension of the term of land use in conformity with the approved land use zoning.

The liabilities of the company, such as: In fact, not asking for VAT invoices is one of the common mistakes foreign investors do in Vietnam. There is no specific regulation related to turnover taxes for asset transfers in liquidation.

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Eating in Vietnam tends to consist of several different dishes which are shared by the party. Business license tax All companies in Vietnam also have to pay the business license tax.

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The meal usually ends with a dessert or fruit plate. The investor shall have the right to preserve the originals of all accounting records and business documents of the company. The general principle being pursued by the government is that Vietnam supports all the authentic investors who have serious long term business plans in Vietnam.

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Your Vietnamese business host will usually arrange for a dinner during the earlier part of your visit. Business Communication Most decisions in Vietnamese businesses are done by committee, with no individual having absolute power. For more information and advice regarding liquidating a China business, please email china dezshira.

The most common incentives are those available for investments made in specialized locations, industries, or investment zones in the country.

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Under the current laws, the investors cannot receive the incentives reserved for high technology firms, the flirts helpless mixcloud mobile phones are not listed as high technology products subject to preferential treatment.

Tax exemption for 4 years, 50 percent reduction of payable tax amounts for 9 subsequent years; Tax exemption for 4 years, 50 percent reduction of payable tax amounts for 5 subsequent years; Tax exemption for 2 years, 50 percent reduction of payable tax amount for 4 subsequent years.

Creation of liquidation committee The board will need to appoint a liquidation committee to handle the liquidation within 15 days of the date on which the circumstances leading to dissolution of the company occurred. Vietnamese governmental Decree No. Special treatments for liquidation on bankruptcy Normally liquidation is performed when assets are greater than liabilities, and there should be no problem in paying any taxes that become due.

However, the local authorities offered the incentives just after considering the possible effects of the projects on the local economy development, rather than referring to the current laws.

When the termination application is submitted to the authorities and the application is approved by those authorities When all termination procedures have been completed As well as normal audit procedures, liquidation audits will focus on these additional issues: An Introduction to Doing Business in Vietnam An Introduction to Doing Business in Vietnam will provide readers with an overview of the fundamentals of investing and conducting business in Vietnam.

This results in gifts being scrutinized as bribery by some businesses. Vietnamese names are recited backwards compared to Western culture, starting with the last name, then middle name and then first name and title if applicable.

Key issues commonly tax audited upon liquidation Among the aforementioned procedures, tax clearance with the tax authorities is exhaustive and costly as the dissolving entity will be tax audited by the tax authorities after notification of liquidation.

Whether salaries payable are calculated correctly Whether tax payable has been cleared properly Whether other liabilities have been cleared properly 4. These de-registrations and other processes are: Reading Mode Tax, financial and regulatory compliance considerations when closing a foreign-owned business in China Feb.

Foreign investors that are new to the Vietnamese market often find the application process complex and time-consuming. Therefore, local authorities believed that they needed to offer high incentives to attract the big investor. Resolution on dissolution to be passed by investors, disclosed to relevant stakeholders and announced publicly in the newspaper; Terminating contracts with customers, suppliers, landlord, etc.

To view more information, please visit our website www. Based on the above, to speed up the process of closure and to ease the financial burden i.

Business in Southern Vietnam is much more casual, with suit jackets not being a requirement. There is a lot to consider when liquidating a company, with tax issues a major issue General procedures of liquidating a company The voluntary dissolution procedures of a company include the following steps with relevant parties and regulatory authorities: In Vietnamese culture, objects, such as business cards during first meetings, are usually held, given and received with both hands as a sign of respect and care.

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This concerns the following industries: However, there will always be some that do not succeed commercially, or that may have to close because of external circumstances affecting their parent company overseas. Those who do so will retain a strong first mover advantage as Vietnam continues to rapidly develop.

When a foreign enterprise performs insolvency liquidation, the Enterprise Bankruptcy Law and other related civil laws will apply. In cases new laws or policies offering better investment incentives and benefits compared to those applied previously, investors shall be entitled to apply new benefits and incentives during the remaining period of investment incentives if necessary since new laws or policies are in effect.

In cases of international conventions which Vietnam is a member to provide new regulations as compared to the mentioned above contents, investors shall be entitled to apply the new regulations in the international conventions. What it means for Vietnam Incentives in disadvantaged locations The Vietnamese government provides location-based incentives for regions based on the levels of development and investment.

Vietnam provides two tiers of incentives to investment projects depending on the level of development and needs in the area. When greeting or saying goodbye to a Vietnamese business partner, shake with both of your hands and slightly bow. Additionally, it is crucial that the entity should sufficiently collect the supporting documents for its expenses as well as should comply with the prevailing tax regulations to mitigate the risks of tax claw-back, penalty, and interest.

The committee should return its business license and cancel its registration with the relevant government authorities including the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration of Industry and Commerce, the customs administration, the tax authorities and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange.

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For example, petroleum oil cannot be exported from Vietnam and foreign suppliers cannot import cigars, tobacco, petroleum oil, newspapers, journals or aircraft to Vietnam. During its operation, the entity needs to save files e.

In fact, the mechanism has been applied in some regional countries such as Thailand and Indonesia. Send Email Printer Big investors can negotiate about tax incentives with the government of Vietnam VietNamNet Bridge — The draft corporate income tax law stipulates the jurisdiction of the government in deciding the investment incentives for the big investment projects, which are expected to have high socio-economic impacts.

Investors shall be entitled to tax incentives on that portion of income from their capital contribution or purchase of shareholding in an economic organization in accordance with the law on tax after such organization has paid in full corporate income tax.

The relevant formulas are: The liquidation committee of a WFOE limited liability company shall be comprised of its shareholders. Incentives of land use The term of land use of an investment project shall not exceed fifty years; with respect to projects with a large amount of invested capital and a slow rate of capital recovery, projects investing in areas with difficult socio-economic conditions and projects investing in areas with specially difficult socio-economic conditions which require a longer term, the term of allocation or lease of land shall not exceed seventy years.

Preferential tax rates — reduced tax rates Tax holidays — tax exempted for a certain period of time or throughout the project Reduced tax rates in Vietnam In some industries, the corporate income tax can be reduced for the whole period of operation. Most economic zones will qualify an investor for tax holiday incentives.

However, there are tax incentives available, depending on the industry and location of your business. We take a look at the implications of liquidating a China subsidiary, the reporting procedures that need to be followed, and the tax and legal implications of closing down operations on the mainland.

Most Vietnamese business connections are initially made through referrals and recommendations from associates, and this tends to be where the best prices are found. Liquidation of a Vietnamese entity—critical tax exposures