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On a more serious review tone, her character is well played. I have to admit, Republican era is not my interest. If any adverse symptom occurs like lost appetite, discontinue use. I have since recommended my friends to order your product.

Liu Yan (Wei)

Consult your herbalist or physician before use if you jianhao and naomi dating apps taking other medicines. This formula is amazing. Similar to Jin Xiu, she faced many tribulations when she first arrived in Shanghai and perhaps even worse trials.

Xiang Ying Dong is a complete opposite of his generous brother, Han Dong.

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I'm still losing hair and only used this product because my acupuncturist said to and it is not working. I guess TLaTL is kind of a modern drama as well, stuck between the extremes. Xiang Han Dong takes it upon himself to care for his younger and only brother.

I noticed that my hair stopped falling out quiet as much, and is a bit more robust.

Min Yang (杨敏)

Awards[ edit ] InHappy Camp was awarded the star awards and the sixteenth session of Chinese television drama. Currently, he is still hosting the show, in addition to being the head of the Happy family.

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It seems works very well on his type who needs nurture Yin. She has performed in many movies and dramas.

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The two most noticeable changes; it strengthened my nails, regulates bowel movements and it may help with keeping my youthful looks. He plays a Japanese spy and has a leash on Yin Ming Zhu.

His nose was like an aquiline nose, so it became his trademark and was often mistaken for mixed blood. I like to think of him as a little boy really; a well built, muscular one.


And yes, I have this teeny crush on him now because he nails his character. I will have my biases but I have to stress that they represent personal preferences.

Plot remains the same though. Later, he changes his ways towards Jin Xiu, earning her love.

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After all that has digested, I have found it in me to write a twin review of both drama and perhaps even compare. Imagine the glee I had when I could watch two in consecutive after much waiting.

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InHappy Camp is " new weekly " as the 15 years of China's most influential one of the television program. Happy family has made an album, making happy camp became the first album of the variety show. A China Pharmacopoeia They up the stakes and they are not boring. He has published albums, books and movies.

He just wants his cake and eat it too.

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Towards the last arc of both story, they have similar plotlines. A train mishap causes her identity to be stolen by a lady thief played by Yang Rong.

Both male leads have two sidekicks as well. We see her as the egoistical woman enjoying her view on top of a pedestal.

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He is a well-known host in China. She has been recognized as a top ten popular host in China, in addition to having produced two albums, a book and many movies. Emotional track from the drama by Lee Jia Wei.

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I watched Silent Separation which had Wallace Chung my bias in it and was quite excited to watch another Tang Yan drama. Her fiancee also happens to be the elder brother of her first love which means yes, she is so committing bigamy.

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However, if I had to make an option, I would watch Cruel Romance. Li Xiang, Li Bing Beautiful outfits; Tang Yan always wear pretty and so does Yang Rong. For those unfamiliar with Chinese drama airing, it almost takes a year for a drama to air on TV from the date the trailer is released.

Li Weijia was born in in ChangshaHunan. The plot is interesting to me as well. Not a breakthrough in acting for him I think.