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Paul Gambaccini was backstage with the other artists in the green room, and his most clear memory of the day is their reactions.

All too often in the gay community we idolise tragic-heroism in our much loved female stars; perhaps the ultimate instance came from within our own ranks.

He was nervous but being his usual self, and was live aid christmas single people downing a couple of vodka tonics. On the Concorde flight, Collins encountered actress and singer Cherwho was unaware of the concerts. The sight delivered an iconic image; a sea of people, completely engaged, totally enthralled by one man: He really was spectacular on that day.

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He stopped just after the line "The lesson today is how to die" to loud applause. InVH1 and MuchMusic aired a re-edited ten-hour re-broadcast of the concert for its 10th Anniversary.

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Parfitt admitted in a documentary that he and Rossi had been extremely hungover from partying the night before, and were in no fit state to attempt to record their vocals. We played ' Whole Lotta Love ', and he was just there bashing away cluelessly and grinning.

In addition, the transatlantic broadcast from Wembley Stadium suffered technical problems and failed during The Who 's performance of their opening song " My Generation ", immediately after Roger Daltrey sang "Why don't you all fade A reunited Deep Purple were also due to appear from Switzerland via satellite, but pulled out after guitarist Ritchie Blackmore refused to take part.

Verna designed the needed satellite schematic and became the Executive Director as well as the Co-Executive Producer along with Hal Uplinger.

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It wasn't my fault it was crap. It seems suitable that on a day that defined the 80s, most attendees recall cocaine was in abundance behind the scenes. Ure immediately agreed to help and the pair arranged to meet and discuss ideas over lunch the following Monday, 5 November, quickly coming to the conclusion that the best option would be to make a charity record.

However, George went back to sleep following the phone call, and only made it onto the last Concorde flight of the day later that afternoon.

What does this song mean to you?

Background[ edit ] The song was inspired by a series of reports that Michael Buerk made for BBC dating tips in urdu news programmes inwhich highlighted the famine in Ethiopia that was taking place at the time.

Having recorded the group, Ure chose Tony Hadley of Spandau Ballet to be the first singer into the studio to record his solo part. In Julythe girl with whom he danced said that he actually saved her life at the time. Queen were stealing the show. Ure was content with the first take that Collins performed, but the perfectionist Collins was unhappy with it and asked for a second take to be recorded, which he was satisfied with.

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The minute he went out on stage he seemed to double in size, and he suddenly became a gigantic rock star. On the Monday afternoon Ure came up with the outline of what he felt sounded a Christmas-like melody on a portable keyboard, which he recorded onto a tape and sent to Geldof, who sarcastically told him that the tune sounded like the theme to Z-Cars.

Did they go to every single gig?! Tony Vernainventor of instant replaywas able to secure John F.

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This section was eventually taken on by Weller, Sting and Glenn Gregory. More than 40 of these nations held telethons for African famine relief during the broadcast. However, for the Christmas Day special edition of the programme, most of the artists on the record appeared in the studio to mime to the song as it was relayed through the speaker system.

Somehow or other, it came together on the day.

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Lesley Ann was watching from the side of the stage, and shed some light on the technical side of things. Live Aid brought the world together, and everyone shared the moment, in the moment.

As a result, many songs were omitted due to the commercial breaks, as these songs were played during these slots. Kennedy Stadium through his friendship with Philadelphia Mayor Goode and was able to procure, through his connections with ABC 's prime time chief, John Hamlin, a three-hour prime time slot on the ABC Network and, in addition, was able to supplement the lengthy program through meetings that resulted in the addition of an ad-hoc network within the US, which covered 85 percent of TVs there.

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Kennedy Stadium[ edit ] This section needs additional citations for verification. So of course people stood up and took notice. O'Reilly believes that charity organizations, operating in aid-receiving countries, should control donations, rather than possibly corrupt governments.

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InGeldof traveled to Ethiopia after hearing news reports of a horrific famine that had killed hundreds of thousands of Ethiopians and threatened to kill millions more. It was the end of rock 'n' roll. By midday, with George still absent, an irate Geldof telephoned him again demanding to know where he was.

The final poster for the Philadelphia show features the acts Peter, Paul and Mary and Rod Stewart who also featured in the Philadelphia concert programme. Nevertheless, they were guaranteed to deliver the kind of showmanship Geldof was determined to deliver.

Magid, promoting the concert through Electric Factory Concertscorrectly argued that the band was hugely popular in Philadelphia, their first major label album Nervous Night being released less than three months beforehand was a genuine hit record.

But I have nothing bad whatsoever to say about Bob Geldof; he sacrificed his health, his career, everything for something he believed in. Geldof was also incensed that the British Government refused to waive the VAT on the sales of the single. Michael Jackson declined to appear.

Queen at Live Aid: Remembering Freddie Mercury's finest moment

Nobody knew they would throw anybody else in the shadow. Petty stated the song was a last-minute addition when the band realised that they would be the first act to play the American side of the concert after the London finale and "since this is, after all, JFK Stadium".

Aside from his own set at both venues, he also played the drums for Eric Claptonand played with the reuniting surviving members of Led Zeppelin at JFK. Geldof had previously refused to allow the video to be shown, due to time constraints, and had only relented when Bowie offered to drop the song " Five Years " from his set as a trade-off.

Horn would later remix and co-produce the 12" version of the single, as well as remixing the single for its re-release.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. The band played with Kenney Jones on drums and it was their first performance since disbanding after a 'farewell' tour. The other one is 'We Are the World'. The first line of the recording is sung by Paul Young on the version, Kylie Minogue on the version, Chris Martin of Coldplay on the version, and One Direction on the version.

Happening in a world without Internet or mobile phones, messages were sent on fax machines, every phone donation had to be answered by an actual human being, TV was analogue and there were only 4 channels.

You can opt out at any time. And I think that really did Phil in quite a lot, that we were never asked to play. Undeterred, he contacted BBC1 controller Michael Grade directly and successfully persuaded Grade to order that every programme preceding that week's episode of Top of the Pops should start five minutes early to make space to broadcast the song's video complete with Bowie's introduction just before the show.

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Sting also recorded his words again, this time to provide harmony vocals. He wrote the song "Hello" about the criticism he got for turning it down. With a theatrical turn, he proceeded to prance across the stage as the opening riffs of Radio Ga Ga struck up.

It continued at John F. With recording scheduled to begin at