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Mostafizur, Bangladesh Osel is good and the suit we stayed in was excellent.

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A government run craft shop with a wide range of goods. Dr P Chidambaram, A super stay with great food, excellent service and warm hospitality. Thimphu has a growing number of commercial services and offices, which provide for ever-growing local needs.

A small bookstore with a wide selection of magazines. Come, enter the gateway to paradise on earth. It is said that Sangay Jamtsho built more than one hundred Phurbas in a day.

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Most suitable for family and business trips. These are further sanctified by the recent additions to the architectural excellence of buildings, a fusion of the traditional and modern architecture which are mostly postafter Thimphu became the Capital of Relative and absolute dating techniques of fossils and opened up for tourism under various Five Year Developmental Plans.

I'm definitely coming back and recommending this. By regulation, all buildings are required to be designed in traditional style with Buddhist paintings and motifs.

It was in his dreams that he was prophesized to build this temple. Parks and preserves[ edit ] Takin Preserve, Motithang. The present renovation is being done in such a way as to have enough space for prayers and congregation. Zorig Chusum was established in to preserve the thirteen traditional arts of Bhutan, and visitors are able to observe students honing their skills.

Hotel interior -Blend of Traditional and Modern Bhutan.

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The view from the room was superb. Inside the courtyard is a gallery, illustrating the leaders of the Drukpa Kagyupa lineage. The stunningly picturesque Thimphu Valley is immersed in this charming Mountain Fortress of the Gods. The rock garden is a unique blend of eastern and western horticultural styles.

Besides the southern Dzongkhags that share border with the Indian States, Thimphu is one big commercial centre for vibrant business transactions.

The monastery houses Chenrizig Avolokitesawaraan headed, thousand-armed manifestation as the central statue.

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Sangyegang[ edit ] Sangyegang is a western district, north of the Chubachu River but south of Zilukha. Langjupakha[ edit ] View of Thimphu from the southern part of Langjupakha in the northeastern part of the city.

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When in Thimphu, make sure you go to the local post office. A weaving center employing around 20 professional weavers. In the early 15th century with his multiple talents he popularly became the Leonardo da Vinci of the Great Himalayas.

As the store keeper informs you that the goods you want are not available and cannot be ordered, you will inevitably be facing a warm and friendly smile. Both monks and common people study here. The restaurant and lobby downstairs equally well decorated. However, store owners are extremely honest and there is little possibility to be cheated or offered an inflated price.

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The outstandingly complex and subtle architecture of the fortress is one of the finest in the country. The prayer books in this monastery are larger than the usual Buddhist texts.

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A feeder road from a little further down the Chuzom check post toward Chapcha, leads to the Pagar village. All the head offices of the various government ministries and agencies are located here.

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In the non-residential area, 9. Basically, Thimphu has three kinds of stores: The location is great. Suman, India Very comfortable and has modern interior with a touch of Bhutanese that is enough to remind you of where you are. It contains the Sangyegang Telecom Tower and a golf course to the east which expands north in the Zilukha part of the city.

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It is expected that by this time, the city's population will have increased toStatue of Sakyamuni Buddha, sitting on top of Kuensel Phodrang hill is a This is an attraction exclusively designed to commemorate the centenary and the coronation of the fifth king, Druk Gyelpo Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck in Very soon, the institute will be relocated to Taksi under the Trongsa District.

It was at Chagri in that he established the first Drukpa Kagyu monastic order in Bhutan. Thimphu is comprised of 1 Drungkhag and 10 Geogs. Institute of Traditional Medicine Services Traditional Bhutanese medicine is practiced at the Indigenous Hospital, built ina blend of Indian and Chinese ayurvedic and herbal procedures.

It sits on a hill above the end of the road at Dodeyna and it takes about an hour's walk up the steep hill to reach the monastery from there. When he followed the directions to the site where the temple stands today, he met a yak herder on the way.

Western part of the country Distance from Paro: Haggling at tourist-oriented shops is expected, but the margin for discount is small unless you make a bulk purchase. The place also has a great view of the majestic, Tashi Chhoe Dzong Fortress of Glorious Religion and government cottages nearby.

Showroom on top floor.

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