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The quest is harder than my first impressions. The Seventh Level is a brutal combat-focused orc slugfest. The thing that makes it so difficult is that each time you steal a treasure you release more of that 12 threat on the mountain.

I find that this quest is very similar to Peril but with a lot more consistency.

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Second, you absolutely must scry. When I play this quest I usually defeat it around turn 5 or 6. Now this quest supposedly has a silver bullet in Forest Snare which is why it got the 4 rating, I think but even that could be unreliable.

Any deck that focuses a lot on things like healing or location control, or any deck that ramps up the emphasis on combat or another important area, I consider a specialized deck.

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In my opinion that is when the quest is at its best. It is supposed to be a 7 because flirtomatic flirty the terrifying Balrog.

The reality, however, is that this quest is fun and unique, with some interesting effects, but it is not really that hard. It is an easy combat-focused quest with several truly nasty effects including, most famously, Sleeping Sentry. It has some random reveal effects, reminding us of The Watcher in the Water, but this time you shuffle before the reveal so that scrying does not help.

Is a quest harder if it takes longer to beat, or if you end up with a lower win percentage?

Why on Middle-earth would they reserve a 3 rating for this quest? The Watcher in the Water— Official rating 5 This is a great quest that also happens to be another specialized one. I want some sense of what I have actually accomplished. You basically must go all out siege specialization or Outlands synergy, which I personally have found to be too slow and off color punishment wrecks it.

Yeah, it is unlikely, but it happens. Both have vaguely moutainish generic names.

He would see the 8 difficulty on Shadow and Flame and crap his pants. It is time to get specific. The most annoying card award, however, goes to Dragon Spell ; man, that card is aggravating.

First of all, it is completely standard.

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As with any location-heavy quest, it is harder with more players. I mean it actually is a cake walk. It cost three green. So, I am going to try my hand at a series of articles where we drop the polite facade and describe some of the annoying things about this awesome game.

A Journey to Rhosgobel

Why is this quest so hard? Yet, let me ask the question again from a different angle. It turns out, FFG just randomly gives difficulty ratings that make no sense. This is another easy and fun quest.

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Once you get established, the quest is predictable and not that dangerous. I am like one of those angry stand up comedians; I like to complain and I complain the most about the things that I like the best. A personality perpetually focused on complaining, therefore, is bad because if there nothing that is ever good enough for you, then you end up miserable and you make everyone else miserable as well.

Sometimes I lose, usually right away in the first two turns which is just randomnessbut most of the time I stabilize and win easily. Unfortunately, this reliance on scrying makes this quest more predictable, and once you learn how to beat it, you should generally be able to win every time.