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Melodrama is an interesting album, despite receiving critical acclaim, I often glean that some yearned for a repeat of Pure Heroine.

People don't mess with public figures that moonlight as "home wreckers. Lorde, who is very outspoken and opinionated, has spoken fondly of Taylor in various interviews despite Taylor and Lorde at the 56th Grammy Awards once calling her a bad role model, and the two were even photographed together.

Before Fame

See the Lorde Wikia for more information about her. They are both happily hanging out in the friendzone. All in all, one of the best shows of the year, on a beautiful night, and well supported by George Maple, who will be playing in Brisbane this coming February. It's all "proven" in over 20 slides jam-packed with all the information you need to come to the lorde dating that they might, in fact, be together — and that they have been together since Lorde dating and Lorde began working closely together on the album in Dating goldinfoservice you know Antonoff is from New Jersey?

Dating History

He's like my family at this point. Lorde returned to play Loveless as the encore. And while some have dismissed it as wayward gossip, plenty of people are thrilled to find supposed proof in this PowerPoint. She later admitted in an interview that this was something neither she nor Taylor were interested in doing.

Lorde weaved here own personal narrative through the set, recalling the stories behind tracks Tennis Court a personal favouriteA World Alone and the Louvre.

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Lorde and Jack are NOT dating. Writer in the Dark was a curious omission. Antonoff was until very recently dating Lena Dunham.

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Taylor also hugged Lorde during performing her hit song "22". The year-old finally addressed the rumors that the two are an item via Instagram Live while casually hanging out in her hotel room But for the most part we wrote the record just in a bedroom in his house, sitting around the piano.

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It's looking good for Lorde-Antonoff truthers out there. But we're not dating! There are certain places you can't go together. In this respect Lorde did not disappoint and along with Porter Robinson also at the Riverstage in February was one of the best gigs of the year.

Someone made a PowerPoint to prove Lorde and Jack Antonoff are dating and it'sremarkable

It has since gone platinum. The Instagram Live was mostly Ms. There was no intention for this to become a damn dissertation, but here we are. Check out her full Instagram live below.

She examines everything from "Green Light" to "Liability" and, well, you can listen and draw your own conclusions, but yikes.

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Certain things you can't do. Both ladies text each other regularly, and Lorde even helped Taylor celebrate her 24th birthday in Australia. On the down side, there were no tracks from Hunger Games, Meltdown or Yellow Flicker Beat could have been worked well with the set.

Lorde opened with Homemade Dynamite, a great way to start. But Ella did finally comment on the rumors that she and the newly single Jack are dating, and sorry to disappoint any shippers out there The two have known each other long before Lorde became successful.

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Pure Heroine tracks Royals and Team were well received, and built the intensity to the final song Green Light, cue the confetti storm. Lorde had even expressed interest in collaborating with Taylor on a song.

Lorde Blows Up Jack Antonoff Dating Rumours With Homemade Dynamite

There are these different sets of considerations within the friendship. Hillary, bless her heart, hopped on Twitter on Thursday night to share with the world an extensive PowerPoint presentation revolving around the rumors that have swirled for months about Lorde and Jack Antonoff, the producer of her album Melodrama.

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At 40 minutes the album at face value do not appear substantial, but those will be some of the best minutes of the year, emotionally charged, unique, at times energetic and more diverse than her first offering.

Hillary brings a critical point to the conversation: