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She was urged to drop out of University and to get quickly married to a JW, as she was already the advanced age of 18!

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Now their DVD's travel worldwide instead of them! They were told they had to present all religions as equal, could not be "persuasive" regarding Christianity over others, and had to get rid of their website and magazine.

Enter the Jehovah's Witnesses.

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Grace was never mentioned, and salvation was by works. Lorri MacGregor grew up in a good home, but not a Christian home.

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They could not turn their backs on their calling lori mcgregor dating God, so they requested revocation of their Charity status. Most of the teenagers in the JW congregation were married as early marriages were encouraged. Since they could not compromise their faith, they had to ask that they Charity status be voluntarily revoked.

After a mental cruelty divorce, She was a single Mom with two boys, still a JW in good standing. By scripture hopscotching and lori mcgregor dating seemed to be a lot of knowledge they did away with the Christian doctrines Lorri had found in the encyclopedia during her search, the Trinity, the Deity of Jesus Christ, the bodily resurrection.

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At the same time, they present sound, biblical, Christian doctrine, which promotes the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is, of course, their purpose.

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As time went by Lorri met a Christian man at my workplace who was determined, in his quiet way, to spend time with her. To their knowledge, none of the groups attacking Christianity through their websites or magazines got taken to task, only MacGregor Ministries! She now knew they were not God's organization.

She told him she did not date but if he wanted to study the bible to become a JW, she would agree to that. They did their best to comply, but finally realized that they would have to compromise their Christian Faith to continue as a registered Charity.

Their ministry partners, Richard and Cheryl Schatz are on site to help them, and they will continue on as a corporation MM Outreach.

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In June ofa Canadian government auditor visited Lorri and Keith MacGregor and told them they had to comply with their requirements or be shut down. Lorri was traumatized, but there was no recognition of that problem in the late 's so she was sent home.

They are but one of 2, charities that ceased to exist in Canada this year, due to government efforts to shut down registered charities. God kept sending people to them who needed help coming free from cult involvement to the extent that they wound up their business affairs and went full time in the ministry in She began seeking God in earnest, even contacting two pastors who more or less dismissed her.

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MacGregor Ministries carefully documented these attacks and responded to them from a biblical perspective, in a respectful and even kind manner.

Lorri wanted so much to please God that she obeyed the elders, his alleged representatives on earth.


The marriage was a difficult one, lasted 13 years, and produced two wonderful sons. However, they will not quit the ministry, even though they are seniors. To make a long story short, he began to educate himself on her beliefs and raised many questions. Their presentation of the Christian gospel through their DVD's and printed matter was ruled "uncharitable" and their careful critique of others in defense of Christian doctrine was called "hate".

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The date for Armageddon came and went, Oct. You can be any religion you want as long as you do nothing but promote your own religion. MacGregor Ministries was in operation as a registered charity run by full-time volunteers sinceusing no funds for fundraising or salaries, and donating their creative efforts to the Charity at no cost to the Charity.

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The Mormons came to their door first, but as Lorri questioned them she just knew God was not an exalted man from a star-base who had many wives and children in heaven. She believe her thinking would have been clearer had she not been traumatized, but vulnerable people trust too much.

She took herself off to the elders believing they were "spiritual" and would help her. It was a very powerful moment of rebirth.

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With no Christian background she was easy prey for the JW's. Also she had always been works-oriented so their religion was a fit. Over time, he got Lorri with this one: When she was 18 years of age two life-changing events occurred.

As she looked this up in the Watchtower literature and went through the "rat trail" of fragments of scriptures to arrive at their doctrine, it sounded weak to her.

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Her beloved grandmother died, and she was present in a high school shooting, with her friend dying as she knelt beside him. Lorri was already enrolled in University but was pressured by the elders to do two things due to Armageddon coming so quickly.

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Lorri nearly died at the birth of her first son, refusing a blood transfusion, so she became a "hero" in the congregation. God proved Himself to Lorri many times over the next years, through many trials. Instead she was told off for questioning "Jehovah's Organization" and was ordered to immediately stop seeing this Christian man.

Lorri left that meeting feeling that she had been kicked in the stomach by a mule. She resigned with a phone call to the presiding elder, repented of her JW years and false doctrine, searched the scriptures, and finally prayed to Jesus to forgive her and receive her as His own.