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When Vex asked how she intended to do that he used his Mesmer power to make Bo stab herself with her own dagger.

“Lost Girl” recap: Episode 08 “Vexed”

He tells Bo she'd be hearing from him, then warned her to be careful because she had already made some enemies. And you don't know that. Bo, defiantly, still wants to help Lou Ann and before leaving tells Lauren that her boss is not the only connection she had.

When she starts to take too much energy from him, he meja13 online dating out in pain: She tells him Siegfried had been helping her with something personal and Dyson guesses correctly that it had to do with her mother.

He's a favorite of the Dark Fae. You will keep Bo on a leash until he is gone.

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Perhaps they could help each other. It's a Dark Fae Mesmer named Vex, and he tells Siegfried that he's been sharing family business with outsiders. Based on the forensics, Lou Ann had drowned her stepchildren and then set the house on fire to cover it. Should he be provoked or killed the repercussions between the two Fae clans could be catastrophic.

Vex, Siegfried, Lou Ann; they didn't know anything about your mother.

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He lets Lauren know that he is going to negotiate with The Morrigan to have Vex sent away, but in the meantime he orders her to keep Bo "on a leash" until Vex is gone. While walking around she sees an object and tells Trick that "Lauren has one of these" around her neck and asks if it's some kind of amulet.

When she asks him how she is supposed to contain Bo, since she has tried to reason with her and failed, The Ash tells her: Bo then angrily pressed the Siracon against Dyson's neck and Kenzi called her name out loud to stop her from hurting him. He informs her of a fellow Dark Fae named Lou Ann Heidinger who may know about her mother, but she's out of his reach because she's incarcerated on the other side of the border and on death row, with her execution happening in three days.

When Bo starts to move away, Lauren stops her and kisses her sensually. Bo kerstsprookjes online dating to confront Vex Click to animate As Lou Ann is being prepared for execution, with Trick at the back of the audience there to witness it, Bo is grabbing weapons and preparing to confront Vex.

The two make love for the first time. The man Bo seeks is called Vex. If you want to keep her alive I'm sure you can think of some way to distract her. She knew the rules but ignored them. Fae Elders don't employ humans. Dyson at first refuses to do it again, but he succumbs to her and they have wild, rough sex during which Bo's wounds and bruises are healed.

In return for their protection.

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Vex Mesmer Siegfried is at home preparing a meal when someone appears from behind. It's there to kill her. She asks him for help in getting a friend out of jail, but Mayer replies that even he is not good with death row.

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The Morragh attacks Bo and a violent fight ensues. Who said anything about love?

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Dyson rushed out of The Dal as Trick looked on. The humans had someone in jail for the crime and the case was closed — it's how things worked in their world. If Bo kills Vex, the Dark will kill Bo and he was not ready for that to happen until he knew more about her.

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Vex recovered and laughed as Bo approached him with the Siracon extended. If you want to keep her alive I'm sure you can think of some away to distract her.

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She needs him to sex-heal. Michelle Lovretta Synopsis Bo 's freelance work earns her a lead on someone who might know something about her mother Bo is at the lab being examined by Lauren and tells her she likes her necklace, then asks if she ever misses working on normal people.

How can I help? When Bo asks how things went so wrong for her, Lou Ann responds that she fell in love with a human. Their blood, energy, emotion. She wears his mark.

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I've heard about you, even in here. Bo, with Kenzi along, goes to the prison where Lou Ann is held and uses her succubus touch to manipulate the prison guard into letting them through.

Bo meets Vex While Bo is resisting stabbing herself deeper and Vex comes up close to her, she reached behind her and grabbed the Siracon, pulling the dagger out of her at the same time, and sent Vex flying backwards with a punch.

Hey, Lauren has one of these around her neck.

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If it had been an official hit they would have sent more than one Morragh because her powers were too unknown to risk anything but a major assault. I've tried to reason with her. Trick explains that Lauren is a ward of The Ash and wears it as a mark that she is owned by him, and protected in return.

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Dyson comes to see Bo and brusquely tells her that the attempt on her life wasn't an assassination sanctioned by the Elders. At that moment, Dyson and Kenzi arrived at the club and he pulled Bo away from Vex, and ordered him to leave. Dyson offers that she could stay with him that night because she needed more healing than what "Lauren's needles" could give her; but Bo responds that she had needed his help that night, not his pity.

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The Morragh is almost impossible to defeat, but before it can attack her again Bo stabs it with an electric cable and the Morragh is electrocuted to death.

At the prison morgue, a body begins to move inside a body bag. Bo appears at Siegfried's apartment and Dyson asks what she's doing at his crime scene. Bo visits Mayer again and this time she calls in his debt to her, demanding to know where to find Vex, and he gives her the location, warning that Vex is a favourite of the Dark Elders and she didn't want that kind of trouble.

The zipper opens and Lou Ann rose out of it.

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She's never gonna love you. He tells Bo to let this one go because all the Fae, Light and Dark, must respect the rule that keeps their existence secret from humans; and what she wanted to do was too high profile because all human eyes were on Lou Ann. When Bo said to him that Vex was the only lead she had to her mother, Dyson replied that Vex had been lying to her and that no one knew about her, then walked away.

While this is happening, Lauren rushes to The Dal, to tell Dyson that she had made a huge mistake because Bo now knew that Vex was the Fae that framed Lou Ann and he was too strong for her. I'll negotiate with The Morrigan to have Vex sent away.

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Bo vs Morragh Click to animate Later at home while Bo is preparing for a bath, a Morragh — a Fae species that feeds on anger — sneaks into the house. Mayer tells her that Lou Ann had chosen humans over her own kind and his "people" objected and made an example of her. Kenzi then said to Bo "Let's go home" and they left the club together.