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His concept of his royal position was undoubtedly arrogant, louis xiv facts yahoo dating he was always conscious of his duty as king and sincerely believed that he was devoting himself to the wellbeing of his subjects. Surprisingly, after the success of the vaccine, the legalities were forgotten and Louis Pasteur became a national hero.

He became so bitter toward them that he ended by reversing his antipapal policy in the hope of enlisting the Pope's support. This final war lasted from to and did France incalculable damage.

Louis XIV Facts 1: date of birth

They went on to have six children but only one, Louis, survived past the age of five. The marriage of Louis and Maria ensured ratification of the peace treaty between France and Spain.

They introduced policies to consolidate the power of the monarchy and this angered the nobles and members of the legal aristocracy. At the age of 10, inMazarin was his chief minister.

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The war lasted for 6 years and ended with Dutch economic ascendancy as strong as ever. Successive rulers and ministers Henry himself, Louis XIII, Cardinal Richelieu, and Cardinal Mazarin had done all in their power to make the king absolute ruler within France and to make France, instead of the Hapsburg coalition of Spain and the empire, the dominant power in Europe.

Government became much more efficient in his day, but much of this efficiency was lost after his death. Versailles, which became the seat of government in although the palace was still far from completionbecame the magnet to which the nobility were attracted.

For background reading on the period, Lewis's The Splendid Century presents a series of fascinating insights into the France of Louis XIV, as well as filling out the picture of Louis himself.

Louis loved his second wife more than his first and he was comparatively more faithful to her. This was the War of the Spanish Succession.

About his childhood and early life

He was 76 years old at the time, and just a few days to become A more complete presentation of the entire period is in Geoffrey Treasure, Seventeenth-century France The Louisiana Purchase nearly doubled the size of the United States. He married her reluctantly he was in love with Mazarin's own niece at the time and made no pretense of being faithful to her; but he was fond of her after his fashion, and at her death observed, "This is the first sorrow she has ever caused me.

Protestants would be barred from assembling and their marriages would be deemed invalid. Pasteur also made large portraits of neighbors, male and female.

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However, only two of these survived childhoods, the other three died of typhoid. Louis Pasteur had five children. Although he preferred to select his generals, his bishops, and contrary to legend his ministers from the nobility, Louis did not make the mistake of his successors and exclude the Third Estate from all the best positions.

Immediately after assuming control of the government, Louis worked tirelessly to centralize and tighten control of France and its overseas colonies.

His Character

This is how the Academy of Inscriptions and Belle-Lettres came into existence in After completing his degree, he was appointed a tutor at the same college. In quick succession his son, the two grandsons still with him, and one of his two infant great-grandsons died.

It also became more bureaucratic, and this change was permanent. After his study, he concluded that asymmetry was one of the fundamental characteristics of living matter. However, Louis XIV was unfaithful to his wife by having several mistresses. Louis XIV Facts 8: He married to Maria Theresa of Spain on June 9, The second is the King of Hungary who was on the thrown for 68 years.

But she passed away on July 30, His working ability since then was compromised. He also proved that microorganisms come from other microorganisms and not from spontaneous generation. Silkworm eggs could no longer be produced in France and they could also not import the eggs from other countries because the disease spread all over.