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Lead isotopic ages of chondrules and calcium-aluminum-rich inclusions.

Lutetium–hafnium dating

The half-life of long-lived lutetium Nature Physical Science Philosophical Magazine 6, no. Measurement of the half-life of Lu.

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Energy levels in Lu and Hf Nevertheless, although the products from the multi-billion half-life of Lu are a seeming challenge to a young age for the earth, they have been already explained by the evidence for accelerated radioisotope decay during a past catastrophic event, such as the Flood Vardiman, Snelling, and Chaffin However, more recent determinations using meteorites for age comparisons have produced a distinct separate grouping with Lu decay constant and half-life mean values virtually identical to those obtained by age comparisons of terrestrial minerals and rocks, and to those frankenvynis online dating the shorter half-life grouping of physical counting experiments.

Natural radioactivity of K, Rb and Lu Earth and Planetary Science Lettersno.

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Physical Review C Meteoritics and Planetary Science 48, no. Call for an improved set of decay constants for geochronological use.

Nevertheless, all the age comparisons on terrestrial rocks and minerals, and the more recent age comparisons on meteorites, used the U-Pb method to determine the Lu decay constant of 1. This discrepancy has still neither been explained nor resolved.

Non-chondritic meteorites from asteroidal bodies. Canadian Journal of Physics 60, no. The natural half-lives of Lu and Ta. Isotopic composition of Lu in terrestrial samples and achondrites: Physics Letters Ano.

Therefore, Lu-Hf dating cannot be used to reject the young-earth creationist timescale, especially as current radioisotope dating methodologies are at best hypotheses based on extrapolating current measurements and observations back into an assumed deep time history for the cosmos.

Analytical Chemistry 46, no.

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Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 71, no. De Laeter, and K. Calibration of the lutetium-hafnium clock.

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The role of phosphates for the Lu-Hf chronology of meteorites. Physical Reviewno. Third, the favored radioisotope method used for age comparisons to most reliably determine the Lu decay constant and half-life is the U-Pb method.

In The Geologic Time Scaleed.

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Applied Radiation and Isotopes 43, no. Pb-Pb dating constraints on the accretion and cooling history of chondrites.

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U-Pb and Lu-Hf systematics of Antarctic meteorites. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 65, no. First, why do a few of the physical counting experiments yield a longer half-life mean value of These discrepancies and variations remain unexplained.

It was thus realized that the eucrite meteorites used for not as suitable because of significant disturbance of the Lu-Hf systematics among mineral phases due to open geochemical system behavior, such as leakage of Hf.

A young-earth creationist research initiative. A programmable magnetic field mass spectrometer with on-line data processing. A search for electron capture in Lu. The isotopic composition and elemental abundance of lutetium in meteorites and terrestrial samples and the Lu cosmochronometer.

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Earth and Planetary Science Letters 55, no. Without an accurately known Lu decay constant and half-life, accurate Lu-Hf radioisotope ages cannot be determined.

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Physical Review 93, no. Applied Radiation and Isotopes 49, no.

Time to reset isotopic clocks? Radiochemical and Radioanalytical Letters 58, nos. Earth and Planetary Science Letters Review of Scientific Instruments 40, no. Earth and Planetary Science Letters 28, no. Origin of excess Hf in meteorites. Convention on the use of decay constants in geo- and cosmochronology.

Papike, Reviews in Mineralogy, vol. Piezonuclear decay of thorium. The Lu-Hf isotope geochemistry of chondrites and the evolution of the mantle-crust system. Lu-Hf and Sm-Nd isotopic systematics in chondrites and their constraints on the Lu-Hf properties of the earth.