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His sarcasm will always make him my favorite YouTuber. His friends notes that he's good with kids. Most of his videos are a bit longer and kind of relaxing.

Previous Let's Plays:

His 1 update per day, flip - flopping between lps is a good system, and he chooses great and often obscure games. He is funny and very skinned at gaming, he even lets his subs pick a Lets play.

You guys aren't going to get me with that trap any more, you have to understand that. God bless Anal 16 Shofu One of the more entertaining Pokemaniacs out there.

Most informative let's player I've seen; he really takes the prep time to make good videos. Hilarious and always fun to watch.

Any game based on a game show. Any game from The Jackbox Party Pack series, because it's a game everyone, including everyone in chat, can play together.

I still remember every moment from Mario party Maybe the best lets players together. Amazing guy very fun cares about fans how much more awesome can you get, oh yeah he uploads videos a day cool right he needs to be mascotes de ouro online dating the top 25 LPers if not that top 20!

Easily the best co-op channel EVER.

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Overall, the grumps are just a bunch of friends having a good time, and I have a good time watching them. While not as popular on their own channel away from Machinima, they still retain their raunchy yet hilarious charm.

He's played all the final fantasies and is on his way to playing every dragon quest game. I came in after Jon had already been replaced by Danny, but I still loved all of their videos.

He also plays a lot of unique rpg gems.

When it's done:

She speaks a little Icelandic. In his Furious Mario LP, he tried to decide what path to take by flipping a game cartridge: Elsewhere, he says that if you ever want to play Mario professionally, just play a bunch of romhacks because you'll be forced to learn all the tricks.

Although it could have been a joke. However, her complexion makes her look as if in her mid 20's. Had a dollar every time I heard that.

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Seamoose is the most sarcastic Let's Player. Shows them the best way through the first time, never slips up.

Top Ten Let's Players

D SuperJeenius is amazing. Becomes this for " The Completionist " in the Gunstar Heroes review. Please check his channel out!

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He's such a likable dude and his videos are so entertaining. She is a very talented artist who draws Mabinogi and Nintendo characters. A very intellectual Let's Player and his LP's are more on the relaxing and interesting side, as he does blinds, which I favor in most Let's Players.

There are some games which are practically guaranteed to win the popular vote during Fortune Cookie. One of the NPCs "wakes her up" and says that she has allergies, which suprises Jon that she would know about such a thing.

Freddi Fish & The Slow Descent Into Madness - Livestream Highlight. Proton Jon

Lucahjin is dating Proton Jon, as confirmed multiple times on streams, her Ask. Shame he's stopping his recordings excellent lets player The dude is a Brittish LP'er and has done thousands and thousands of videos and so many games.

Even Ross and Barry have their own charms that make them funny and likable. Should be higher on the list, a very entertaining group.

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He's really just kind of normal and reasonable. I enjoy his blind lets plays, his normal lets plays, his collaborative lets plays, his demos, and his collaborations. They know a fair bit about many of the consoles that have been released from the early machines to the latest gens.