Lucy Hale Is Dating Her New Costar — And Yes, You Know Him From Somewhere… - Lucy Hale Is Dating Her New Costar — And Yes, You Know Him From Somewhere… -

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With LucyHale's recent debut country album however, David Henrie has beenpublicly supportive of her music career while maintaining that theyremain just friends. The star saw the end of an almost two-year relationship with her ex-boyfriendAnthony Kalabretta, in May of last year.

Lucy Hale and Riley Smith Split: Is She Dating A New Boyfriend Ryan Rottman?

He's so nice that after he broke up with Lucy they were still good friends. As I know, they still date.

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Is David Henrie in love with Lucy Hale? Gajak online dating David Henrie and Lucy Hale break up?

Does David Henrie like Lucy hale?

This will be Hale's first major role since she starred in "Pretty Little Liars" for eight seasons as Aria Montgomery and the show seems destined to be a hit. Hale plays the main character, Stella Abbott while Smith plays Dr.

The two played love interests in the show, which made the reveal surprising to many fans.

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Hopefully, this budding romance will become a story worth sharing too. Click to read more and watch the video or. No, they dated for a whole when they were younger, but now they're just friends Are David Henrie and Lucy Hale getting married?

Is David Henrie still dating Lucy Hale? Will Grant, her oncologist who, according to Deadline, she undeniable chemistry with- despite having spontaneously married another man while she believed she was dying.

This comes after the two have finished up their respective filming in their upcoming television show together, which is set to air later this year. This is your news from. To what I believe he is still single.

They Were First Linked in August

She brushed the admission off, telling Ellen that she was only 25 at the time, and insisted that nothing happened between the two of them. Lucy Hale is currently dating David Henry far that's all that my news crew had herd recently from Lucy Hale herself.

The duo have been filming the first season of "Life Sentence" for the past six months together and clearly, love has blossomed between them in the process. Are david Henrie and Lucy Hale engaged?

Lucy Hale (@lucyhale) • Instagram photos and videos

They did date but are no longer. He is SO sweet, and hot! No he is not. You should be a little more specific, but she was first known when she sang on American Juniors. Who is Lucy Hale? The split saw the two unfollowing each other on social media and going as far as to delete all the photos they had shared of them together.

Hale has been spotted sharing a sneaky valentine's day kiss with her 'Life Sentence' co-star.

She recently posted a group photo of the cast on Instagram, saying that she's excited to share the world they've created together with us all.

Actually i don't think this is right because I'm 5'6 and i weigh and its a normal healthy weight so if Lucy is 5'2 and really petite she must be lighter. In one episode How much does Lucy hale weigh? My perspective of him went way down.


And David would never cheat on anyone. This recent reveal that she may be dating Riley Smith is definitely implies there will be an improvement to Hale's love life in The two broke up shortly before the season finale of "Pretty Little Liars" aired. This makes sense since she's about an inch taller than me and we weigh the same and I'm a little bit thicker than she is.

The picture shows Hale carrying a white rose, which seems to be a gift from Smith.