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The first and most important relationship Hermia had was with the man she loved, Lysander.

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Typical novels are about pages, 65, words, and 18 chapters, about 14 pages a chapter. From the start we see At Bal Bharati Public School, Durjoy tried participating in all sorts of projects, activities, and organizations for the sole reason that his parents pushed him.

He is one among the best selling writers in contemporary India. Stephenie Meyere is also currently writing another book called Midnight Sun, which is bascially Twilight, but in Edward's perspective. They hail from two diverse and often competing worlds, Mumbai and Delhi, but writers Durjoy Dutta and Nikita Deshpande still have one thing in common; their love for cheesy lines and over-the-top romantic gestures.

How many Star Trek novels are there? She lives in Dubai, and is a model and air-hostess by profession.

Of Course I Love You! Till I Find Someone Better by Durjoy Datta

English Of course I love you…, is a story set in Delhi, during the years that revolves around colleges, nightclubs, relationships and friendships. It was Durjoy's first book written from a female character's perspective. When I was blogging, there was no one around me who was earning a living writing novels.

The friendship is sweet and has laughable moments. I had just started drinking at the time, so I think a lot of it was spent in bars.

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I just power through it. It's an easy read, so thankfully didn't take up much of my time. But the number of pages depends upon the particular edition. How many chapters are in an average novel?

As we speak, Durjoy Datta has already earned his mark as one of the most successful writers in contemporary India.

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Yourself or people you know in real life? But it would take about three years, six e-mail drafts and participation in a contest before 'It Must've Been Something He Wrote' took shape.

When describing love the tone is warm. Overall, it gives the flavour of some B-grade movie. Who is Lara datta? Forget the works of Shakespeare and Charles Dickens that takes you days to understand the meaning of a single sentence.

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With about 15 novels under his belt, it is easy to see that Durjoy is the voice of this generation and he has a good insight on how a Millennial's mind works.

I might end up deleting everything later but I don't let myself stagnate. How many Twilight novels will there be? I think it's extremely important to be online, especially for newbies like me, to put word out about the book.

I have always loved to write but was very enamoured by movies and filmmaking. How many Captain Underpants novels are there? I mostly use it to interact with my readers and update them about my books and events.

It is so amazing how a writer can come up with an awesome piece. Inhe was recognized as the young achiever by The Times of India. Durjoy Datta born 7 February is an Indian novelist, screenwriter and entrepreneur.

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If It's Not Forever! It's a bit of both. The novel describes June's In hindsight, I think I got lucky in being able to get a publisher early and rather easily. I think that Twitter proposal. I'm really the small gesture person in the relationship. And When Only Love Remains.