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Some girls are also more shy around boys, especially if they've never had someone interested in them before. Just be sure to not pester her with too many questions, machine girl shyness and dating if she seems to become more shy and withdrawn.

This takes the pressure off of her so she's not worried about not knowing what to say.

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How to Make Her Feel Comfortable The key to dating a girl who is shy is simply to make her feel comfortable. The first encounters will more or less be her thinking about how she doesn't know what to say.

Keep it casual and don't stretch it out. This is usually helpful in young relationships in middle school or high school where everyone is getting a feel for dating. If you're not a person who is naturally goofy or outgoing, it's also helpful to just take your time and not notice or care about her awkwardness or shy tendencies.

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Again, it really depends on how shy the girl is and her reasons for being shy. Being too straightforward and pushing her to talk will only make her feel pressured and less likely to feel comfortable around you. See results How to Ask a Shy Girl Out Depending on the girl, you may actually find that she is not as shy as you thought she was.

This can be really stressful as the machine girl shyness and dating she feels like she can't talk or doesn't know how to keep you interested the more pressure she'll feel and more shy she will get.

It's important at this time to understand where she's coming from and not brush aside her feelings.

Shyness machine girl

Either, doesn't matter to me. After she does this, you'll soon find out more things about her and will probably figure out why she was so shy in the first place.

It's best to move slowly or ask if she's comfortable if you're unsure of whether or not she's ready for holding hands or to go to a movie.

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I'd rather ask her family history search free australia dating. If she doesn't feel up to going to a big party with you, don't make her feel bad about it chance are she'll beat herself up about it more than you will.

When trying to know whether a girl is interested in you, a shy girl can be one of the trickiest to figure out.

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This is key in dating a shy girl and maintaining that relationship. If holding someone's hand or being close to them causes either of you any discomfort or makes you nervous, you may want to consider if this is the right person for you.

If she's still shy around you and you think that talking to her will make her shy.

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You could consider writing her a note. It might be frustrating at first, but by constantly pestering her and telling her how shy she is.


Final Thoughts and Advice Dating a shy girl is not much different than dating any other girl, except for that fact that you'll have to spend a lot more time making sure she is comfortable and that you're not moving too fast. This is why being goofy and making her laugh will help her feel more comfortable as she will be able to not feel the pressure having to talk.

Contact Author Getting to know someone who is shy can be a frustrating experience, especially if you don't know the reasons why that particular person is shy. Be sure to keep in mind that this relationship will take a long time to develop.

This will make her feel comfortable because she'll be able to forget how shy she is and let go of any pressure she feels in trying to make conversations or worrying if she's making a fool of herself. If she starts to not be so shy around you, there's a good chance that she likes you.

I've always been a shy girl myself, so below is some very good advice that I would give to people who would want to date a shy girl, as well as what has worked and what hasn't when someone was dating me.

If this doesn't happen with the particular girl you're interested in, or you become to not being able to stand not knowing if she would like to go out with you, you'll want to consider how best to ask her out.

Shyness Machine Girl

A quick note from personal experience: Source First Date s with a Shy Girl Much like when you ask her out, it's a good idea to go somewhere where there's not a lot of people around, or people she knows. This will also give her a point in the conversation where she knows it's okay to talk and where she knows you want to know what she thinks about something.

If you know what she's into, that's an easy way to start talking to her, especially if you both share a common interest, such as art or music. Among shy people, being called shy is one of the most irritating observations you can point out because shy people already know they are shy. What is She Thinking?

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Knowing that there are multiple reasons to why people are shy will allow you to understand and be patient with the girl you're wanting to get to know and potentially date. The ideal first date would be somewhere where you can spend time along, without the pressures of anyone around to make her feel more nervous.

Understand that Shy People Need Time to be Alone Chances are, if she's shy, she's an introvert and she may need time to herself every once in a while to feel better.

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Source Why are People Shy? If you push her too far, she may end up withdrawing from you and feel like she's not good enough or can't talk to people anymore.

I'd prefer her asking me out. Tips on Asking her Out Be sure to not have anyone around when you ask her. I've had one boyfriend who I never could feel comfortable around thankfully it ended and another boyfriend who I felt instantly comfortable around.

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These are signs that you're going to fast or that she's not into you. Be open with her and honest and she'll do the same with you. Showing any form of affection, at least at first, in a public setting will probably make her a little shy and awkward.

Shyness Machine Girl

Let her know that you're the biggest goofball between the two of you. Do Not Move Too Fast Moving too fast could cause her to become shy around you again, setting you both back in the relationship you were building.

Being patient and not forcing her to talk will allow her to become confident and feel like what she has to say will be important. Also, be sure that the first time you two hold hands or kiss again this depends on how shy she still is would probably be best if it happened with just the two of you around.

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Invite her out for an ice cream and judging from how she reacts, ask is she would like to be your girlfriend. If you move too fast, she may end up not knowing how to deal with the situation.

It actually makes the girl feel more pressured and nervous and will feel less comfortable around you.