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Their efforts to acquire back again to Nyc are continually distracted from the Captain of Animal Control who wants to create Alex section of her series.

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They join a traveling circus. Just how do three lemurs, a lion, zebra giraffe two monkeys journey and acquire back to Ny? So you will never any matthew macfadyen and keira knightley dating speed issue.

A traveling show is joined by them.

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How do a lion, zebra, hippo, giraffe, four penguins, two monkeys, three lemurs travel through Europe without attracting attention and get back to New York? In Monte Carlo, the penguins and chimpanzees have been saving up their daily winnings from the casino to fly back to Africa and bring their friends home.

The animals soon learn from Stefano that they are performing in Rome and London, where they plan to impress a promoter to get them on their first American tour. They come across a circus train consisting of Stefano, Gia, and Vitaly, and manage to gain entry, claiming that they are circus animals themselves.

Their attempts to get back to New York are consistently hampered by the Captain of Animal Control who wants to make Alex part of her collection.

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In route to London, Stefano soon reveals to Alex that Vitaly was the biggest star of them all, but quit due to an accident in one of his stunts; therefore, the friends lost faith in the circus.

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In the skies of France, the plane crashes as the authorities close in. Once they make it back to New York Marty, Alex, Gloria and Melman realize that they want to be part of the traveling circus.

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Madagaskari qartulad

If they travel to Montecarlo, they entice the eye of Pet Handle after gatecrashing a celebration and so are joined the monkeys, King Julian along with by the penguins. After they ensure it is back to New York Marty, Alex, Gloria understand that they would like to be part of the traveling festival.

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This is a bug of Adblock not our fault!! When they travel to Monte Carlo, they attract the attention of Animal Control after gate crashing a party and are joined by the penguins, King Julian and Co.

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Cartoon movies Madagascar 3: Many days after bidding the penguins goodbye, Alex suggests to his friends and the lemurs that they should go to Monte Carlo to get the penguins and the chimpanzees and fly back to New York City, which they agree to do.

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