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One of over 2, girls' lives they saved this year. Even in death, she was treated as a third-class citizen, Koirala said. The victims were rescued on April 4 and are between 17 to 24 years of age.

Campaigns launched against the problem of trafficking in children and women. They are proud of themselves for having mastered the five-minute-long choreography in such a short time. All of them were separately taken to India for 'tour' two years ago and were sold in the brothel.

They are looking for suspicious parties, and they know what to look for. Women who were victims of trafficker also tried to make people aware of the danger through street theater. Recordkeeping Recordkeeping is taken seriously at Maiti Nepal.

He informed that they had to lobby with high level police officer of India to instruct the local police to raid the place.


Some were sold in brothel by their lover while others were deceived into trafficking through promise of employment, according to Keshav Koirala, chief of Nepalgunj-based Maiti Nepal that was involved in the rescue effort. NGO Maiti Nepal has been offering shelter and assistance to victims of human trafficking in Nepal ever since it was established in Become a Change Maker Take a stand today to use empowerment as a mechanism for social transformation, we welcome you to join Maiti Nepal in the fight to end human trafficking and help restore trafficking survivors and other needful members of our society.

Key activities of the Home is to provide shelter and life skills. The organization assists victims of sex trafficking and prostitution, practices which are widespread in the impoverished country.

Experts say one key reason for this development are the two recent earthquakes that struck the landlocked nation early this year.

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Rescue and repartriation operation adressing problems related to trafficking. The victims informed that it was impossible to get out of the brothel until they were no longer able to attract the clients.

The organization also tries to identify men who trafficked the girls and women and bring them to justice. Karishma, Sita, Saraswati and Harimaya were sold by agents who pretended to have fallen in love with them.

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Police cooperate and respect the expertise of trafficking survivors. DW takes a wiem co jem wiem co kupujem online dating at how the Maiti organization offers them aid and shelter.

And after being exploited for years in such slave-like conditions, the victims are kicked out of those places, leaving them with nothing.

Maiti Nepal, with the help of Indian police, recently rescued nine women including five Nepalis from a brothel in Kashmiri Bazar of Agra, India. They look for possible victims. Maiti Nepal rescues 5 Nepali girls from Indian brothel April 10, After enduring severe hardship, a group of Nepali girls are now on a tour performing traditional dance across Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

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But their dreams of a better life are brutally exploited by human traffickers, who trap innocent girls and women by making them attractive-sounding offers: Integral entity which consists of legal advisor along with legal support.

Questioned Closely This pair was questioned closely, and then taken off the bus by police.

20,000 girls a year are trafficked in Nepal

After 15 years of exploitation, the woman returned to Nepal, Koirala said, adding that her final wish was to visit as many temples as possible and light candles. Testimonials Make sure that you handover your donations to Maiti Nepal and its authorized representative only.

Interception Residences Intercepted girls have a safe, clean place to stay -- at any of Maiti Nepal's eleven interception residences.

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Workshop in Elly-Heuss-Realschule in Cologne. Graphic Content Most of the posters and billboards produced by Maiti Nepal have strong graphic content -- they can be understood by those who cannot read. Collects and stores information related to women and children.

Provides safe shelter home to the girls below the age of 18 withdrawn. When Sita, the artist, thinks about her life before her association with Maiti Nepal, she cries.

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Border police act in full support. The only way to get out of the brothel was after becoming physically incapable, severely ill or reaching old age, they said. Lack of rights To provide an insight into the plight of such victims, the rights activist told DW the story of a young woman who was trafficked into an Indian brothel at a very young age.

The disaster turned many children into orphans.

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Street Theatre Street theatre helps spread the warning about devious sex traffickers of children and young girls. Child Protection Center performs wide range of activities in all the dynamics. Sita wants to turn her passion into a career: Intercepted An 11 year old girl was intercepted recently at the Indian border by the young women of Maiti Nepal.

According to Maiti Nepal, trafficking of young women and girls takes place from border of Nepalgunj, Raxual, Sunauli, Mahendranagar, Paliya and other illegal routes of the surrounding areas.

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Despite forcing the victims in sexual activities with clients, the brothel operator did not pay them, it has been revealed. The other four rescued women are Indians. Special trainings are provided along with the Job Placement to women. On the other hand, Rita revealed that a woman from her village had persuaded her to work in India and sold her to the brothel where she spent four years.

Volunteers Specially trained trafficking survivors check buses cars, donkey carts, rickshaws and bicycles passing into India.

She had no rights whatsoever as she was exploited from the age of seven, and robbed of her youth and life. There is a sense of excitement in the air following the workshop, with a female student explaining how great it was to get an insight into a foreign culture.

Two months ago, Maiti Nepal received information of Nepali women being forcibly exploited into prostitution in a popular brothel in the Kashmiri Bazar. The movement and music help them to open themselves and be more confident.

Battered and bruised from the hellish experience, their situation is very much pitiful.

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The young women and girls dance everyday. As part of this project, groups of young people from across Asia, Africa and Latin America are currently touring Germany, Austria and Switzerland, to give European audiences an insight into life in their home countries.

Close Scrutiny The screening includes close scrutiny of identification papers. The NGO is everything for her, she says, wiping her tears.

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This means that families are always looking for additional income sources. Only little food and make-up kits were made available to them, that too only if they bring good income to the owner.

According to him, the brothel, which was operated by Priya Dip, has been sealed while the operator was also taken into police custody. Sita and other Nepali artists recently visited Elly-Heuss-Knapp middle school in the German city of Cologne, where she introduced students to Nepali dance.

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Our Partners and Supporters. Maiti Nepal currently has 11 Transit Homes located at various border towns.

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Let your contribution reach to the real beneficiaries, i. As the case was filed against the operator, Nepali victims had to stay in the center until the court's date of testimony.

Maiti Nepal also promotes border check.