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The Law also requires that all new electricity projects be carried out by independent power providers IPP. The study could be extended to know the insight of the personnel involved in the entire Majan Electricity Company, Oman.

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So, the output of the appraisal system is used to determine the abilities of each employee to detect the deficiencies in their work if any, in order to provide them guidance in improving their performances and at the same time, it is also used to reward the employees based on their performances.

Employees viewed performance appraisal as discriminatory, punitive and judgmental processes, where cronyism and biased considerations dominated objectivity Horsoo, According to Ali and Ahmad performance appraisal affects both job satisfaction and motivation of workers.

Increasing personal income, housing starts, and continuing government investment in infrastructure projects are major contributors to continued high growth in electricity demand.

Raters consider behavior of the ratees and their reputations when drawing sarah walker yvonne strahovski dating inferences and deciding on appropriate rewards Johnson et al.

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I have attained bachelor degree from Cardiff University in as electrical and electronic engineer. Since early at technical colleague in BritanI'm very much interested on renewable energy especially solar technology.

So, there exists necessity for the company to pay attention towards motivating the employees through concentrating on increasing the satisfaction of the employees.

Armstrong defines motivation as the force that energizes, directs, and sustains behavior.

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Werner et al also noted that performance management practices address issues of employee motivation thereby ensuring that their capabilities are fully utilized.

Boswell and Benson contend that the human nature is in constant need of recognition and when they are recognized, either positively or negatively; it spurs them to do more. However, many factors, including organizational leadership and culture, impact the attitude of most employees towards performance appraisal, regardless of their educational or professional standing Gurbuz and Dikmenli, I have received education from day one of His Majesty Sultan Qaboos ascended to the thrown in Mostly, the employees stay at work for extra hours to complete the assigned tasks to achieve the required Key Performance Indicators KPI.

I have presented a number of papers on the same subject and last was a proposal for MW hybrid power station at midland of Oman.

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Employees do perform better if they know that their actions are monitored and their performance is evaluated, so they are receiving recognition based on their efforts and they are also willing to accept the negative feedback rather than not receiving feedback at all.

Electricity subsidies available for large consumers, mainly government, commercial and industrial users, have been cut and a higher revised tariff structure have been effective from January 1, Includes a market overview and trade data.

Robbins and Judgeoffered a specific work-related definition of motivation as the willingness to exert high levels of effort towards organizational goals, conditioned by the effort and ability to satisfy some individual need.

The target is to be attained has been set by the organization, where they pass enough information to their employees about the work. Organizations should know how to use performance appraisal as a tool to provide both the employee and organization with the information needed to make decisions related to each area in the performance management framework Williams, The new tariff is applicable to those consumers who use more than megawatt hours MWh per hour will be in the range of baisas per kilowatt hour kWh in the case of low voltage customers and baisas for high voltage customers.

InI have decided to explore new challenges in the electrical engineering and left PDO and joined newly created electrical distribution company as Assistance General Manager in the company of Mazoon Electricity. The Manah project has been a successful and profitable operation, and the plant was expanded to MW in early The company has utilized a performance appraisal system which is a combination of technical and behavioral measures that are directly linked with the key performance indicator of the company itself to reach the highest level of quality WWW.

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This statement includes the identification of new IPP projects to be competitively tendered and developed by private-sector companies in order to meet future power generation and water desalination requirements. North Batina, Buraimi, and Dhahira. Boswell and Boudreau identified two uses of performance appraisals as evaluative and developmental purposes.

A systematic practice of giving feedback to employees will have a great impact on the intrinsic motivation of employees Wang and Guthrie, A study by Ojokuku found that the performance appraisal is forming a key of human resource activity designed to deliver reward for performance and hence it is a vital instrument for enhancing employee motivation and performance, if properly used.

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Being one of the leading companies in the sultanate, Majan Electricity Company has adopted a number of quality assurance strategies throughout its internal operations.

In midI have been given opportunity to lead Mazoon sister company as Majan Electricity general manager. Motivation and performance will improve if people have challenging but agreed goals and receive feedback Armstrong, Smart Electricity World - Tuesday 5 June Evaluative appraisal is used for individual evaluation to deliver promotion, pay rise, relocation, and employee termination whereas developmental appraisal is done for developing goals.

Akuoko demonstrated that the performance appraisal system can be an effective tool in employee motivation if both the process and outcome are fair.