Chinx Drugz's Wife, Janelli Slams 'Dash Dolls' Malika Haqq Over Dating Lies : MStarsNews Chinx Drugz's Wife, Janelli Slams 'Dash Dolls' Malika Haqq Over Dating Lies : MStarsNews

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Family, friends and her best friend, Khole, have helped her to move on from the death of Chinx, though their relation was very short and sweet. These woman didn't have no relevance before and they won't have it now!!!

Milk loves you [broken heart emoji].

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Malika and Chinx, back when they were a couple, were seen first seen together in N I got a call last week asking me should they edit him out n I said yes n yah still show it!!!?? It is also known to help geotrac 134 landwirt flirt lot of people for their reach to stardom and Malika Haqq is one of them.

Janelli also malika haqq dating chinx drugz instagram out about Haqq appearing on her show with Chinx. For more information on Chinx, what his wife had to say about his relationship with Malika Haqq, and the details of his killing, click through our gallery of his best Instagram photos.

Nobody is in pain the way I am!!!

Chinx Drugz Dating History

Forever a light in my heart. They don't quite understand, but it will hit them soon. Chinx Drugz was an American rapper from Queens, on the verge of stardom before being a victim of a shootout. Her best friend Khole called her to comfort her during that time through the phone at the Gansevoot Hotel in New York City, Khole called and said 'You okay?

Malika Haqq Blasted For Goodbye Message To Chinx Drugz | Bossip

But I was someone who will never be replaced. The attraction quickly became a mutual romance," the couple says in a joint statement to ET.

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The shootout that killed Chinx Drugz on 17th of May At the end of the day, all those woman will move on n forget him by next week me and my children will be affected by this for the rest of our lives!! So plz for anyone who thinks they got it figured out make yourself useful for one n send ya respects not shade, help us find his killer or donate to his kids future since yah care so much.

There may be more beautiful times but this was ours. On May 18,the world found out that Chinx had died and Haqq took to Instagram to express her grief with these words: The shooting went down on May 17th in New York.

Relationship Timeline

What's known n understood does not need to be explained!!!! After Coping with her ex-boyfriend death has she moved on already?

Hope somebody cutting that check tho!! Rebound Boyfriend to cope with the loss? I handled everything in his life. Life here is temporary.

Chinx Drugz's Wife, Janelli Slams 'Dash Dolls' Malika Haqq Over Dating Lies

He couldn't live without me and now I can't live without him!! Do not reproduce without permission. For his son, who doesn't understand why God's angels have come and taken his father, he just wants to know when he's going to bring him back, and it's hard, it's very hard. I have the power We had an opportunity to really get to know each other living in such close quarters.

The mourning wife also slammed Malika for lying about her relationship with the rapper telling fans that it was fake.

Malika and Chinx Drugz - Dating, Gossip, News, Photos

Malika Haqq in bed unable to lift her, moaning for the loss of her boyfriend on the 2nd of November For those who have stood up for me thank you! As a mother, I'm focusing on raising 3 kids alone that's all!!! A lot of people don't understand that this was his life, was his family.

It is a hard time, we are going through a lot. You wanna make yourself relevant than play detective and me catch the loser that did this Malika, being a long time bestie with Khloe Kardashian, is is another star trying to make it to the lime lights, but sometimes the price of reaching Hollywood status has its disadvantages.

We will find out.

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At the time that Drugz was seeing Haqq, as the two were shown on reality show Dash Dolls, it appears he was still married to Janelli Pickens. It's a very devastating situation, his kids are greatly affected by all this.

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I did everything for that man. The new couple found love together strutting their stuff for the camera in 9th of December He was the entertainer and he had groupies ok so what??!!